SCT Cup 2018: Semi Finals H2H #1

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 31 2018

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)

Major Semi Finals

(1) Nathan’s Gunz 2396 TRAILS (4) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 2478 by 82pts

TRUDGE has walked into a high stakes poker game with a Pair of Two’s. I’m not sure if he’s bluffed his way to an 82pt lead or if he’s flipped the table, stolen the chips and ran for the hills but one way or another the result is that TRUDGE has the rails run going into H2H against the until now seemingly inevitable 2018 SCT Cup Winner.

How did Nateo snatch the lead? My first thought was it must’ve been a super captain score. Nope! They got their different ways but they both went Gawn (130). Nateo liked Gawn’s VC score and gave the C to Olango while TRUDGE tried JPK (74) on Friday night before opting for Gawn. The major difference ended up being the dud scores. Of their sub 90 PODs, Nateo copped Gaff (87), S Martin (82), Crisp (71), Gray (65), Ryan (47) whilst TRUDGE had a much more manageable Rockliff (87), Dusty (83), Savage (74), JPK (74).

(2) Kyuubi 2450 TRAILS (3) AGB 2502 by 52pts

Kyuubi was the only one of our four semi finalists to nail the captain selection this round plonking the VC on Cripps (173) and then rolling that onto Olango. AGB wasn’t on the Cripps juggernaut but went with VC Danger (117) into C Titch (150).

What do they say about key position players in SC?? Crisp (71) and Hurley (77) both cost Kyuubi some valuable points as the low scoring PODs in this contest.

The Market

$2.10 – AGB

$2.30 – Kyuubi


$3.40 – Nathan’s Gunz With more movement that a Mitch Starc inswinger the market has been flipped turned upside down. We’ve got a new favourite in the market now reflecting AGB’s top score and lead. Nateo’s drifted massively as the low scorer of the semis with a mountain to climb to try and get into the Grannie. I’m off the bandwagon Nateo. TRUDGE has come in but still one of the outsiders due to the strength of the teams in the other semi final.

Minor Semi Finals

(5) Danger Bont 2400 LEADS (8) Bunchakhuuuunts 2271 by 129pts

(6) allsaints@SCT 2383 TRAILS (7) Buttslappers@SCT 2491 by 108pts

Good luck to these teams as they battle for the SCT Cup scraps but I’m not analysing these H2Hs.


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7 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2018: Semi Finals H2H #1”

  1. made a couple o changes so i can slap that butt this week!

    Keep it going TRUDGE! making me look good 😉


    1. Cheers Mate, a couple of tweaks this week and hope my POD’s are up to the Challenge….

      Good Luck all!


      1. Speaking of allsaints – are you aware of who St Jude is?

        Hopefully I can do just as well this week as I did last week

        Note to self – proof read before you post

        D’oh I meant St Jude


          1. Your mate must have been a great Get Smart fan.

            If I am not mistaken Thaddeus was the christian name of the Chief of Control

            Bring on the weekend!



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