SCT Cup 2019 – GF Week One Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on September 13 2019

**UPDATE on 13/9/19**

Here I’ve been…….waiting on Roo Bloke to send through an update on the 2nd GF Week Results……and I just realise he went the early crow during this write-up.

For the record, Led Heppelin also won the 2nd Round (2810 – 2771) during Rd23.  Many apologies to Led Heppellin that you’ve had to wait this long for your prizemoney.  If you could get in touch with me at: schwarzwalder ‘at’ supercoachtalk ‘dot’ com.  We’ll work out the details over the next few days.

Congratulations to our 2019 SCT Cup Winner………Led Heppellin!!


(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)

What do the 1988 VFL Grand Final, 2007 AFL Grand Final and any Gold Coast Suns match have in common? They were all done and dusted early doors with the result at half time a forgone conclusion. Same with our SCT Cup Grand Final with a big lead to Led Heppellin after H2H1. Led Heppellin’s had a fantastic back half to the season, seemingly improving with each round (harder said than done) and hitting all the right trade moves. It looks like this one’s his, with only Thursday night selection carnage standing in his way from winning the third edition of the SCT Cup.


On that note, I’ve been mulling this one for the majority of the season, thinking what my SCT 2020 commitments look like. Life’s getting busier and busier and I’m finding it harder and harder to do justice to the SCT Cup so I’m going to step back from this one next season. It’s a tough one for me ‘cause I really do enjoy organising the SCT Cup for you all but it’s becoming a real chore trying to fit it into each and every week. Hopefully one of our fantastic SCT community can step up so we can have a season four but it was taking me 2-4hrs per week from start to finish so be warned before you thrust your hand in the air. I’ll happily hand over the spreadsheet keys to someone if they’re interested though. If you’re keen throw a message in down below.



(1) Led Heppellin 2503 LEADS (2) Treloar and Order 2294 by 209pts

I said last week that Treloar and Order’s only chance was if his POD’s went BIG. They didn’t. In fact, discounting bye rounds, this is Treloar and Order’s worse score since a 2242 in round 8. Looking at Led Heppellin’s team again, it’s crazy good. 24 premos. I can’t even field 22 players and there’s a team rocking 24 premos!! Led Heppellin will be a deserving winner and only something major will change it from here in H2H2.



(3) Wedonotoforgive@SCT 2471 LEADS (4) Beckyistheman@SCT 2244 by 227pts



(5) Rock Coaches 2481 LEADS (6) Nudelsuppe@SCT 2474 by 7pts



(7) The Designated SC 2243 TRAILS (8) Kovanator 2386 by 143pts


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7 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2019 – GF Week One Results”

  1. Thank you for what you created for the community Roo Bloke! Managed to make it into the comp for the first time this year and was quite happy on how i just scraped in. You have put in so much effort to keep this up over the years and this deserves a large amount of respect.
    Lets see who is willing to take over the reigns of this brilliant comp, created by such a respected member of the community!


  2. Well done RB, you should be commended for your efforts.
    Mate, as long as you Keep the SCT Premier league going 😉


  3. I’m sick of getting bailed out in the first couple of rounds…. I’ll take it over if I can have wildcard entry. 😉

    In all seriousness though, I have the skill-set to be able to be able to automate a lot of it, so if you can give me a rough breakdown of which bits you find to be the most time-consuming, I’ll have a serious look at the viability of my taking it over.



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