SCT Cup Grand Final Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 16 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)




256 started but only 1 remains. All hail the SCT Cup king. An incredibly massive shout of congratulations to the 2017 SuperCoach Talk Cup Champion Power rangers (coached by Nathan) who defeated Bunchakhuuunts (coached by Michael) by 282pts in the GF.


Power rangers (Nathan) R20: 2385, R21: 2354 = 4739

Bunchakhuuunts (Michael) R20: 2339, R21: 2118 = 4457



Danger (141), Kreuzer (133), Heeney (130), The Bont (108), Hibberd (107), Mitchell (106), Oliver (106), Treloar (105), Ryder (102), Roberton (100), Yeo (94), Docherty (82), Laird (80), Dahl (66), Macrae (61)

These are the guys that both teams had. The players the rest of us would have in our team if we hopped into our DeLorean and flew back to 1 hour before R1 lockout. There’s a whopping 15 in common and if it wasn’t for injuries over the last month, no doubt it’d have been a couple more.



Power rangers: Buddy (164), Adams (138), Hurley (120), Fyfe (115), Greenwood (59), Fisher (51), Cox (45)

Bunchakhuuunts: Sloane (92), Gray (90), Lloyd (82), Shaw (75), Nank (61), Gawn (56), Krispy Kreme (0)

Massive difference in the PODs. Massive. Have a look at Power ranger’s first four PODs compared to Bunchakhuuunts. Buddy pulled a Buddy performance out of the archives, Adams steps up in Pendles absence, Hurley gets more of the ball as a key defender than most mids get and Fyfe’s the Fyfe of old. Interesting to see Fisher and Cox get a run in the Cup winning team. Gotta admit, didn’t know who Cox was and fascinated to see Fisher has remained in Power rangers squad, sitting on the pine cutting the oranges. Buncha’s doughnut meant he was also up against it but it wasn’t the difference between winning and losing.


Big thanks to Motts for letting me have the reigns for this comp and to Schwarz for posting all the articles for me. I thought the Cup would be good and add value to the site but I’ve been blown away by all the messages of appreciation from you all. The Cup will be back in 2018!


… and whilst I’ve got you all, a reminder that the yearly Brownlow comp will be up on the site during September. More details to come soon.


** If Power Rangers & Buncha could get in touch with Motts (‘Motts at supercoachtalk dot com’) then I’m sure he’ll sort out the finer details with you.  Massive thanks to Roo Bloke for all the work he put in on the SCT Cup!  Great to have another unique feature at SCT – Schwarzwalder **


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14 thoughts on “SCT Cup Grand Final Results”

  1. Thanks Roo Bloke.

    Congrats to Power Rangers on a great win.

    I loved being a part of the SCT cup this year although I probably burnt a few trades I would like to have now just trying to stay in it.

    I think Champs reference to Thailand may have something to do with the Same Same but different references?

    Thanks again for all your efforts getting the CUP up and running.
    I will be looking forward to the 2018 edition.


  2. Congratulations to both our two finalists!

    Please get in touch with me to arrange payment of your winnings.

    Well done, RB, you’ve been a champion for organising this for us in 2017. I look forward to our golf match in a few weeks!


  3. As a reminder, Power Rangers will receive $300 courtesy of Raj, Harbour Heroes, Double D and yours truly. Bunchakhuuunts receives $50 courtesy of a benefactor who wanted to remain un-named (but supports the Dees!).

    Thank you to everyone in the community who supported this concept either by stumping up cash or participating this year. Its been fantastic!


  4. Well done to Power Rangers for winning the inaugural SCT Cup and Buncha for making the final. And to RB for running this the comp. Good fun! Looking forward to next year!



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