SCT Cup: Qtr Finals – Rd1

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 11 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


The mighty is falling, the fan favourite has arisen, the giant killer has stumbled and the regular is in trouble. Here are the quarter final H2H 1 results and anaylsis.


(1) Power rangers 2253 LEADS (8) Merky’s Premiers 2135 by 118pts

STATS: Power rangers – 100s = 9, <75 = 6 vs Merky – 100s = 5, <75 = 8

What Power rangers needs to do: Currently 360 overall, he’s clearly doing a lot right. He should be good to get into the semis from here but if he has a trade spare a Steele and/or Nank upgrade could be a prudent move.

What Merky needs to do: Only 5 tons for Merky at this time of year isn’t good enough and I’m sure Merky will be eyeballing some of his team at training this week asking for a bigger effort, in particular Harbrow and Rance. Howe and Greenwood would be handy inclusions as well. Hopefully he has a trade or two up his sleeve to try and get to full premo.


(2) Griggsy FC 2247 TRAILS (7) Rockliff_Nroll@SCT 2322 by 75pts (2066)

STATS: Griggsy – 100s = 7, <75 = 5 vs Rocky – 100s = 9, <75 = 6

What Griggsy needs to do: While Griggsy only got 79 from his new recruit the hipster ruckman Gawn, that’s only 2 less than Rocky who is running with Nank in the ruck. Gawn has a much larger ceiling than Nank so that’s one spot he can pick up some points. Down back Hibberd and Adams let him down on the weekend. Adams has been down for a while now. Sideways trade? Surely not! I’ve been saying it’s Griggsy’s cup to lose for a few months now but his grip on the Cup is loosening.

What Rocky needs to do:

Is Rocky running low on trades ‘cause Nank at R2 seems like something that should be dealt with. Scored 2322 and he’ll likely get Howe back this week as well.


(3) Bunchakhuuunts 2343 LEADS (6) MaccasMaulersSCT 2222 by 121pts

STATS: Buncha – 100s = 9, <75 = 4 vs Macca – 100s = 8, <75 = 5

What Buncha needs to do:

Witherden took the field for Buncha. If he has the moolah and trades moving him to the pine and going full premo would probably be enough to ensure the W and a spot in the semis.

What Macca needs to do:

For the second week in succession Macca’s team played one short with a Toby Greene shaped doughnut. If Greene was to play that would help! If Greene isn’t selected Macca’s got to cut his losses and trade him out but it’d need to be a POD to Buncha’s fwd line.



(4) Bustling Barrys 2200 TRAILS (5) The Phat Side @SCT 2379 by 179pts

STATS: Barrys – 100s = 7, <75 = 5 vs Phat Side (Yiorgakis) – 100s = 11, <75 = 4

What Barrys needs to do: GAJ out hurts. Did the Barrys keep him? Can GAJ get up for this week? If not a trade has to be made. With a 179 deficit I’d VC Danger with the hope he underperforms and then try to sneak past Yiorgakis with a different captain option.

What Yiorgakis needs to do: Yiorgakis passed Barrys in the overall this week and is just outside the top 1000. Ainsworth scored 23 points down back. I had Shaw listed as POD and he’s no longer featuring in Yiorgakis’ team. Was Ainsworth a failed loophole? Either way, I’d suggest not playing Ainsworth and you could score in the 2400s or 2500s. Top 1000 is beckoning for the long time site regular.


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4 thoughts on “SCT Cup: Qtr Finals – Rd1”

  1. Great work RB. Pretty happy with a 179 point lead. Unfortunately with Greenwood out had to make a call between Ainsworth or Parsons. No loophole. Sanity said Ainsworth, supercoach said Parsons. Go figure!

    It ain’t over til its over though!


  2. Yeah great work as always RB!! Bloody Greene has really hurt the last few weeks been a few bad trade decisions made on my behalf in pursuit of this inaugural SC Cup!! Rookie bench players not playing also hasn’t helped – why did Greenwood not play???

    Think my goose is cooked unless SC Gods fate is kind to me and bestows it’s rath on Buncha’s team this week …. after all it’s only fair the pain of donuts is shared around right???


    1. Story i heard about Greenwood was that he hasn’t played much footy til last season in the SANFL. Stepped up into the Crows line up in the second halls of the season and they’re mindful of his workload. Seems like they rate him and want him firing in August, September and they hope October. He’ll play this week.


  3. Schwarzwalder says:
    July 7, 2017 at 9:59 am

    I reckon Ablett being out will hurt Barry this week as Greene will slow down Macca a tad. If Buddy can go large against the Suns, then RockliffNRoll is in with a big chance against Griggsy………


    Good luck everyone!



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