SCT Cup – Rd Of 16 H2H #1 Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 4 2018

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


Round 15 Synopsis

Mean: 2248

Maximum: 2502 (TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT)

Minimum: 2073 (Blue Army)

Most have Fyfe and most have Heeney so the second week of the H2H will be a test of bench coverage and possibly astute trading. Huge carrot dangling in front of each of the 16 coaches with a spot in the quarters AND an automatic spot in next year’s cup. For Wendy and Bunchaaaaaaa a win here would see them into the quarters for back-to-back campaigns.

Decided this week to throw some anaylsis of each H2H at you. I’m curious to see how Heeney’s concussion, Ahern’s late in and Fyfe’s injury impacted, or didn’t impact, the 16 teams.

(1) Nathan’s Gunz 2381 LEADS (16) Rockliff_Nroll@SCT 2297 by 84pts

Nathan avoided the firing squad but copped a few bullets and is wounded like a gun slinger in an old style Western. Nathan was Sunday focussed and had Gawn with the VC with Fyfe his likely C candidate if Maxy didn’t fire. Can assume Nathan was online Sunday arvo and dodged the Ahern affair putting the C on a non-playing Ridley. Nathan did cop injury effected scores from Fyfe and Heeney. Bench options a plenty to provide coverage in the mids, less so up fwd.

Wendy went with Grundy as skipper and similar to Nathan used Ridley’s doughnut to open up the double points for Grundy. Doesn’t have Fyfe so that’s one less thing to worry about but has Heeney to cover. Less coverage options than Nathan with a lot more doughnuts floating around on the pine but should be able to find coverage.

(2) Danger Bont 2382 LEADS (15) The Jokers@SCT 2258 by 124pts

Ignored Danger AND ignored Bont for the VC candidacy and went with Cripps as VC after his massive score last round. He only just cracked the ton so Danger Bont went for Fyfe at home against the Lions. Logical decision hey. :0 Also has Heeney to deal with too. A case of what could’ve been this round. If Fyfe scores 120 and Heeney scores 100 that bumps Danger Bont’s score up to a whopping 2618!! Lots of mid coverage but seemingly no fwd coverage unless there’s some DPP wizardy to come.

The Jokers copped Fyfe and Heeney’s scores as well but more than made up for it by having the VC on Titch and chucking the C on Ridley. (Having Ridley seems to have been a saviour for many coaches on Sunday afternoon). Guelfi will come on for Heeney and spare parts man Holman will likely be the M8 to cover Fyfe.

Going to steal a line from Father and do some stream of consciousness writing. Is that okay Father? How many hail Mary’s for breaching your copyright?

I’m starting to realise why I don’t do this level of analysis each week. TIME CONSUMING!! Also, I’m seeing sooooo much similarity in teams, especially the bench coverage that I’m going to cut it down for the remaining games.

(3) FLYING HORSES 2177 TRAILS (14) Bunchakhuuuunts 2200 by 23pts

Flying Horses: Danger into Titch. Fyfe (Y) Heeney (Y)

Bunchaaaaaaaaaa: JPK into English. Fyfe (Y) Heeney (N)

(4) Kyuubi 2327 LEADS (13) My Team Name 2202 by 125pts

Kyuubi: J Kelly into Gawn. Fyfe (Y) Heeney (Y)

My Team Name: Titch into Gawn. ß Okay, I need an explanation Cam. Seriously, what happened here? Didn’t rate Titch’s 181? Thought Gawn was going to score a triple century like Bradman in his prime? Seriously Cam, I need to know what happened. Can only assume you got your orange and blue icons mixed up.

(5) Buttslappers@SCT 2170 TRAILS (12) Bags of Charity 2233 by 63pts

Shaggi’s Buttslappers: Ablett into Gawn. Fyfe (Y) Heeney (N)

Charity: Grundy into Gawn. Fyfe (Y) Heeney (Y)

Once again, donning my Father styled cap and my quill pen. Seems we basically all have Fyfe and Heeney barring a few exceptions. Not going to bother reporting on that in the last few H2Hs below. Sorry to the six remaining coaches.

(6) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 2502 LEADS (11) Goodie’s Guns 2229 by 273pts

(7) allsaints 2185 LEADS (10) Blue Army 2073 by 112pts

(8) AGB 2174 LEADS (9) Abers Back2Back 2172 by 2pts


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4 thoughts on “SCT Cup – Rd Of 16 H2H #1 Results”

  1. Love your work mate…. I’ve logged in every couple hours since Sunday night waiting to read this, trading hard to at least make final 8 has been my only real goal this season….

    Cheers again, (TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT)


  2. very close contest BlueArmy. i’ve blazed away with the trades again this week.
    all the best for the return leg mate



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