SCT Cup – Rd Of 32 H2H #1 Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 13 2018

(Created & Written By Roo Bloke)


Round 12 Synopsis

Mean: 1553

Median: 1585

Maximum: 1769 (Kyuubi)

Minimum: 1238 (TheRustySpoons@SCT)

Biggest Lead: (8) TheRustySpoons@SCT 1238 TRAILS (25) Goodie’s Guns 1585 by 347pts

Narrowest Lead: (16) Buttslappers@SCT 1621 TRAILS (17) PojysPurpleMonkeys 1631 by 10 pts


Four teams cracked 1700 which in an incredibly tough bye round is a super score. On the flip side there’s seven coaches that should be hanging their heads in collective shame at banging out scores in the low 1400s, the 1300s and in The Rusty Spoons case an abysmal 1238!!  I had a look at his squad and without knowing his trading it looked like round 12 was always going to be a hard round and then Coniglio, Martin, Laird and Fyfe all missing sent him over the edge. He fielded 14 but he weirdly captained The Nank on Friday night against Port. Maybe old Rusty was on the sauce by then and got confused between his blue and his orange icons. Would’ve expected better from our no.8 seed.


Some crazy mixed results this round. Same Old Same Olds is currently 24th overall and is only 547pts behind the 50K. Somehow he’s trailing the 19103rd team by a massive 261pts. Wendy sure is making the best of her automatic qualifying status and I wouldn’t put it past her to hold onto this lead across the next fortnight. Similar sort of scenario going on with our 2nd and 3rd seeds who are down after H2H1 against much lower ranked opposition. There’s a reason we play this round across all three bye rounds and it really is a test of strategies.


(1) Same Old Same Olds 1474 TRAILS (32) Rockliff_Nroll@SCT 1735 by 261pts

(2) Nathan’s Gunz 1614 TRAILS (31) Team 18 of 25 @SCT 1725 by 111pts

(3) Bulldogs Roar 1396 TRAILS (30) The Jokers@SCT 1713 by 317pts

(4) FLYING HORSES 1666 LEADS (29) Inner Sanctum 1567 by 99pts

(5) Livers hacks 1450 LEADS (28) Bunchakhuuuunts 1417 by 33pts

(6) Danger Bont 1600 TRAILS (27) RedDynamite 1616 by 16pts

(7) Victorious Secret@SCT 1408 TRAILS (26) Bags of Charity 1554 by 146pts

(8) TheRustySpoons@SCT 1238 TRAILS (25) Goodie’s Guns 1585 by 347pts

(9) Capper’s AFLXXX 1592 LEADS (24) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 1530 by 62pts

(10) Pill Hustlers 1624 LEADS (23) AGB 1611 by 13pts

(11) My Team Name 1568 LEADS (22) Shanghai Pirates 1402 by 166pts

(12) KentuckyHotPockets 1499 TRAILS (21) Kyuubi 1769 by 270pts

(13) allsaints 1462 TRAILS (20) Universal Ultimatum 1624 by 162pts

(14) P Buzz 1355 TRAILS (19) Abers Back2Back 1671 by 316pts

(15) Blue Army 1585 LEADS (18) Boydos Best 1407 by 178pts

(16) Buttslappers@SCT 1621 TRAILS (17) PojysPurpleMonkeys 1631 by 10pts


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3 thoughts on “SCT Cup – Rd Of 32 H2H #1 Results”

  1. 162pts to make up?! in a spot of trouble i think. good work Universal Ultimatum and best of luck over the next two. hoping to make a contest of it if i can 🙂



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