SCT Cup: Rd Of 16 Match-Ups

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 22 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


We started with over 300 teams with the top 256 teams making the Cup proper. A bunch of SC regulars (half the contributors from my reckoning) didn’t even make the comp and it’s been whittled down to a prestigious 16 elite teams. We’re at the business stage of proceedings now so every match deserves a right up. Oh, it won’t be informative. I’ll leave that for the knowledgeable types but I’d love a bit more mud being thrown between respective coaches in the chat below.

Normal proceedings resume from here on in with two round H2H ties. Good luck coaches!!

1 – Griggsy FC (283) vs 16 – Dougys Diggers@SCT (7304)

How Dougy is still in the comp is a wonder as large as Zac Dawson’s AFL career. But unlike Zac he could still make it to the big dance and win the ultimate. Probably not though as he’s up against our regular #1 seed in Griggsy. Only thing that could save Dougy would be if Griggsy has gone too hard to early like Mottsy on a Saturday arvo down at his local.


2 – Power rangers (376) vs 15 – DashingDonkeys@SCT (3962)

Freo Tragic was talking a big game about his Dashing Donkey’s on the site earlier today so I look forward to his sledging of Power rangers over the next 10 days.


3 – WeDoNotForgive@SCT (455) vs 14 – Merky’s Premiers (3891)

VERY curious about the reference. Firstly, we should all move on in life mate. But secondly, what are you not moving on from. On the other side Merky beat the Salamander (sorry for bringing it up Jack) in a massive turn up for the books.


4 – Bunchakhuuunts (898) vs 13 – Star Stuff (3341)

Mottsy and co at SCT HQ have been in a series of meetings with their legal team to determine if our no.4 seed meets the ethical standards required of the SCT Hall of Fame. Interesting name but a serious team to be nestled inside the top 1000 overall.


5 – Bustling Barrys (1039) vs 12 – JC@SCT (3130)

JC had a horrendous score last week 1539 (I can say such outlandish comments as I scored worse than that!!) so the question is, is he sunk like the Titanic or will he rise like Lazarus??


6 – MaccasMaulersSCT (1456) vs 11 – Hired Goons (3113)

Both teams stagnated in their attempts to march up the rankings over the byes moving up a rung or two in the overall. Macca will undoubtedly be eyeing off the top 1000 and Hired Goons the top 2000 but their greatest achievement could be working their way through to the final 8 of the SCT Cup with a win in this H2H.


7 – The Phat Side @SCT (2031) vs 10 – Katfish (2908)

Yiorgakis has come from the clouds and is a damn good bloke too having met him a few years back. Also, Yiorgakis top scored across the byes so he’s in ripping form at the moment so he should be too strong for Katfish.


8 – All Stars 22 (2281) vs 9 – Rockliff_Nroll@SCT (2883)

All Stars effectively had the bye themselves last cup tie against Team Canada that scored so poorly it got me wondering if the team was actually coached by an Inuit keyboard warrior. That said, Rockliff lived up to her name and punted the #4 seeded Baby Bombers last round. Could be a close one.


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11 thoughts on “SCT Cup: Rd Of 16 Match-Ups”

    1. Yep, and Dougy’s still in it too. He’s like the pub team that somehow gets to host Man U at their suburban ground in the FA Cup.


  1. Just to appease Roo Bloke.

    Power Rangers Really? Who calls their team Power Rangers?

    I’m not sure how you can be ranked 376 with Zach Tuohy and Aaron Hall?

    I can’t see your whole team but I think I’ve got this.

    All banter aside good luck Nathan.

    May the best Donkey / Ranger win.


  2. RB – great stuff again mate … but “stagnated”?? … stagnated? … harsh but …. ohhh OK yeah, definitely my premiums didn’t go as well as planned!! Fair call!!

    SCT Contributors – C’mon!! Get behind me!!!!

    Hired Goons – few PODs different from what I can see … you’re going down!!

    haha, seriously though, good luck mate … should be a great contest!


    1. Cheers, Macca. Best of luck to you as well.
      As for ‘stagnated’ – that’s exactly what I did over the byes, dropping a few thousand places with trades that didn’t deliver.


  3. “On the other side Merky beat the Salamander (sorry for bringing it up Jack) in a massive turn up for the books.”

    You know how I (jokingly) said earlier in the year “No one can beat the Salamander™”? Well, I think I’m going to have to re-write it:

    No one can beat The Salamander™*
    * Terms & Conditions apply. Excludes bye rounds. See in-store for details.

    In all seriousness though, I’m rather flattered to be mentioned even after having been eliminated.



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