SCT Cup – Round Of 16 Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 5 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)

These 16 coaches are pumping out some massive scores at the moment, scores that many of us envy. The level of competition at this stage is red hot. I was amazed across the weekend to see a few of the coaches that are still alive in the Cup talking about how much they were fighting to stay alive in the Cup. Whoever wins this will have seriously earnt it!

High Score: R14 – Power rangers (2327); R15 – Merky’s Premiers (2412)

Low Score: R14 – DashingDonkeys@SCT (2000); R15 – WeDoNotForgive@WCT (2214)

Average: R14 – 2226; R15 – 2318


(1) Griggsy FC 2220 + 2364 = 4584 WIN

(16) Dougys Diggers@SCT 2231 + 2278 = 4509 LOSE by 75 pts

Griggsy just keeps on keeping on and Dougy never really stood a chance. He has one hand on the cup does Griggsy but has he gone too hard too early? The Cup is a more a marathon than a sprint afterall.


(2) Power rangers 2327 + 2354 = 4681 WIN

(15) DashingDonkeys@SCT 2000 + 2369 = 4369 LOSE by 312 pts

2000 last week just isn’t going to cut it at this late stage. A huge bounce back this week shows why DashingDonkeys got through to this stage but Power rangers is consistently scoring well. Interesting that Power rangers has climbed in the seedings every round of the cup so far.


(3) WeDoNotForgive@SCT 2264 + 2214 = 4478 LOSE

(14) Merky’s Premiers 2322 + 2412 = 4734 WIN by 256 pts

That’s back-to-back upset wins for Merky. This is a team that is hitting some serious form late in the season. RBBet has moved Merky into 3rd favourite.


(4) Bunchakhuuunts 2286 + 2281 = 4567 WIN

(13) Star Stuff 2145 + 2249 = 4394 LOSE by 173 pts

I’d been hoping for a Star Stuff vs All Stars 22 match up at some point in the final rounds but it’s not to be. The MA rated team name has triumphed in this contest and heads through to the quarters.


(5) Bustling Barrys 2192 + 2397 = 4589 WIN

(12) JC@SCT 2205 + 2296 = 4501 LOSE by 88 pts

JC would’ve felt he had done enough in this one to get through to the last 8 but it was a fantastic effort by the Barrys to come from behind in this one to get the W.


(6) MaccasMaulersSCT 2271 + 2265 = 4536 WIN

(11) Hired Goons 2242 + 2268 = 4510 LOSE by 26 pts

Really even contest this one and not much separating the two teams. Happy to see Macca through. Would love to see one of those from the Contributors league win this thing so I can bask in their reflected glory.


(7) The Phat Side @SCT 2249 + 2384 = 4633 WIN

(10) Katfish 2306 + 2231 = 4537 LOSE by 96 pts

The fairy tale keeps happening for Yiorgakis with a come from behind victory over Katfish. I tipped Yiorgakis to pull the rabbit out of the hat and he did just that. Happy for the bloke.


(8) All Stars 22 2094 + 2319 = 4413 LOSE

(9) Rockliff_Nroll@SCT 2257 + 2400 = 4657 WIN by 244 pts

Got to give an apology for my comment last week. The scores were right but the comments I made were all messed up and the result of writing the post through tired eyes. Rest assured the scores were accurate though. Congrats to Rocky in this one.


Decided to create a market for the 8 remaining teams. It’s a race in three for me but if the ‘outsiders’ have a greater trade bank then a surprise result could happen.


RBBet SCT Cup Odds

$2.70 – Griggsy FC

$3.30 – Power ranger

$5.50 – Merky’s Premiers

$10.00 – Bunchakhuuunts

$12.00 – Bustling Barrys, The Phat Side, Rockliff_Nroll@SCT

$15.00 – MaccasMaulersSCT


**  I’ve been on the site long enough to know that Yiorgakis is never to be underestimated.  My money’s on the Multis Man! – Schwarzwalder  **


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13 thoughts on “SCT Cup – Round Of 16 Results”

  1. Congrats Macca – your Maulers vs my Goons was always going to be close so all the best from here on in.

    Huge thanks to RB and Schwarz for your work.


    1. Thanks Mike … really feel sorry that you didn’t make it through with Sandi going down.

      For those that may have seen my post in the GWS thread over the weekend, I was sure I had lost as I had a sick little dog that had to get rushed to the vets before the game Friday night, so I made both trades, which included dumping Lynch and bringing in Greene (I hadn’t been up with any news).

      The sad ending to my tale was that my little dog died last night, again rushing down the highway to the vet hospital and in my partners arms …

      Thanks RB for running this … will be a little sadder for me this round now.


          1. Thanks Freo … appreciate that … hard day today and for many more to come for the two of us in the near future. No kids so we have the fur babies … now just the one left


  2. Thanks Roo Bloke and Schwartz for creating such a great concept.

    I was never much of a chance after my R14 disaster.

    I even tried bringing in Maxy Gawn early to give my self some chance.

    Pretty happy I managed to outscore Power Rangers this week to restore some pride.

    Looking forward to seeing who takes this out.

    I’m getting behind Yiorgakis

    Go…. The Phat Side.


  3. Nice job on the comp again

    I have to agree on Yiorgi. I think he’s held trades so he’ll be hard to stop.


  4. I didn’t even make the cut , but have been following
    the results every week.
    This has been a great concept and I reckon all of us
    who missed out this year will be keen to have another
    crack next year.
    Well done RB.


  5. I’ll never get tired sending the accolades your way RB for setting up this comp! Very honored to have made the last 8. Started slowly this season and still ranked outside the top 1000, but team-wise in the best position I’ve been since, well ever!

    Praise and merciful be the SC gods.



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