SCT Cup Round Of 32 MatchUps

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 31 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


Time for the round of 32, the 4th round of our inaugural SCT Cup. To make it this far you’ve got to have a side that is firing on all cylinders and is loaded with premos. For many of us we look at your teams with jealousy and wish we’d pulled the same move that you’d pulled. We’ve zigged when you’ve zagged, you’ve gone a reliable premo whilst we’ve gone a pre-season bolter. Heck, you’ve gone Michael Barlow and we’ve gone Relton Roberts!

This time around it’s a H2H, H2H, H2H treble across the three bye rounds. We could see some wild swings in the results with teams likely coming in with very different strategies.


Match of the Round

(16) 2505 Shaqatak@SCT vs (17) 2505 Hired Goons

Tied in the overall rankings, the mysterious world of SuperCoach places Shaqatak first and therefore is the higher seed in this midtable clash. I can only think that maybe Shaqatak entered his team earlier than Hired Goons. If anyone knows, Curious George would love to know.


Can he be beat?

(1) 177 Griggsy FC vs (32) 8618 Wanderers

Third round in succession that Griggsy is our #1 seed. Can he be beat or is the rest of the Cup just going to be a procession for no.177 in the overall? All I’ll say is good luck Wanderers, you’ll need it.


Remaining Match Ups

(2) 276 The Salamander@SCT vs (31) 7761 Merky’s Premiers

(3) 294 PK Strikers vs (30) 7463 Dougys Diggers@SCT

(4) 388 Baby Bombers@SCT vs (29) 6860 Rockliff_Nroll@SCT

(5) 396 Barney’s Rubble vs (28) 6706 DashingDonkeys@SCT

(6) 411 Power rangers vs (27) 5539 Ducky Boys

(7) 457 Show me the money vs (26) 5438 The Phat Side @SCT

(8) 626 Bunchakhuuunts vs (25) 5064 benty691@SCT

(9) 1099 WeDoNotForgive@SCT vs (24) 4856 Mighty Ducks FC

(10) 1223 Balls Deep vs (23) 3882 JC@SCT

(11) 1322 All Stars 22 vs (22) 3393 ROBZMOB@SCT

(12) 1337 Bustling Barrys vs (21) 2917 Greenvale Frogs

(13) 1467 Team Canada vs (20) 2765 Star Stuff

(14) 1717 MaccasMaulersSCT vs (19) 2722 JJ’s CIRCUS @ SCT

(15) 2222 Dependlebury vs (18) 2722 Katfish


** Best of luck, Coaches! – Schwarzwalder **


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8 thoughts on “SCT Cup Round Of 32 MatchUps”

  1. Good stuff RB! Can’t believe I’m still in it after the Lloyd concussion last week!

    ‘Show me the money’ better show me his donuts! 😀


  2. Macca and I are in the same league so the old “spying game” becomes a bit simpler. Really similar teams with ony differences being Pendles v Sloane, Joelwood v Kelly, Yeo Yo v Smurph and Treloar v Ryder in the premos.

    On paper Macca, you look a bit stronger but that team and lack of match ups should change dramatically over the next three weeks. Looking forward to it over the long term mate, Good luck!


    1. Aww… I was hoping the “but that team and lack of” was about to lead into some smack talk!

      Having both of you in my leagues I will be an avid watcher.


    2. Hmmmm I’m off home to check the leagues … care to share your trade thoughts? Are they in “trade talk”?
      Have you used the “bye planner”? If so, … damn!!!


  3. Think i need to upgrade Macca and JimmyDee to a noteworthy game next week.

    The Micky D’s Shield maybe.


  4. Was rooting for Rach but regretfully she was knocked out, going now for Balls Deep as it sounds like a nice place to be…



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