SCT Cup Semi Final Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 3 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


SCT Cup Semi Final H2H Results


(1) Power rangers 2356 + 2220 = 4576 DEFEATED (4) The Phat Side @SCT 2352 + 2120 = 4472 by 104pts

Oliver went massive for Power rangers and Greenwood still on the field for Yiorgakis was a huge tipping point in this contest. Both teams had 4 x 120+, 9 x 100+ but the difference lay in the low scorers, 3 x <70 vs 6 x <70 and 1 x 50s vs 3 x 50s. Brilliant effort by Yiorgakis to get this far but his late charge for glory has failed at the 2nd last hurdle.


(2) Griggsy FC 2382 + 2182 = 4564 LOST TO (3) Bunchakhuuunts 2435 + 2182 = 4617 by 53pts

They achieved it in different ways but both coaches came away with 2182s from the rounds footy to see Buncha storm into the big dance. Griggsy had been my hot tip since the Rnd of 128 where I jumped aboard the band wagon so itโ€™s disappointing to see him out of the Cup. Griggsyโ€™s was massively let down by his bottom four scorers in Shaw, Selwood, Rocky and Merrett who scored an average of 63.3.




(1) Power rangers (Nathan) vs (2) Bunchakhuuunts (Michael)

Match preview to come โ€ฆ.


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5 thoughts on “SCT Cup Semi Final Results”

  1. Had tech issues this week but I’m back up and running now. Huge congrats to Nathan and Simon on getting into the big dance. I’ll forensically run through the big match up this arvo and get it to Schwarz pronto.


    1. Two Lukey. Did occur to me today that in 2018 maybe the GF could be played across the entire SC finals series. Something for me to ponder over the summer hiatus.


  2. It had to end sometime! Well played Power Rangers. Too good. I simply had too many outs and underperforming ‘premiums’. Good luck in the final and my tip to take it out.

    Thanks again RB. Great comp and look forward to next year!



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