SCT Cup Semi Finals – Rd1

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 26 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


Some massive scores in the cup this week. The lowest score was 2352 and the highest was 2435. That’s some good going, Coaches!


(1) Power Rangers 2356 leads (4) The Phat Side @SCT 2352 by 4pts

POD Watch

Power Rangers: Hibberd (140), Kreuzer (128), Oliver (116), Treloar (95), Fyfe (93), Roberton (91), Buddy (86), Heeney (85), Hurley (77)

Yiorgakis: Dusty (150), Selwood (127), Ryder (111), Greenwood (103), Neale (90), Simpson (87), Shaw (82)

What a cracker of a contest! Only 4 points in it. Yiorgakis has firmly entrenched himself as the fan favourite for the fairy-tale-come-from-the-clouds victory (think Doggies last year). A few changes from last weeks 22s in this one. Looks like Power double upgraded with Kreuzer and Buddy both popping up in the scores this week. What a recruit Kreuzer was for Power as well. Looking at the two lists Neale is the one who really needs to lift for Yiorgakis with plenty of scope for improvement in the Power team with Buddy, Heeney and Hurley all having down weeks last round.

TIP – I want The Phat Side to win for Yiorgakis but I see more scope for a monster score in Power’s PODs.


(2) Griggsy FC 2382 trails (3) Bunchakhuuunts 2435 by 53pts

POD Watch

Griggsy – Dusty (150), Martin (104), Adams (103), Greenwood (103), Merrett (98), Treloar (95), Rocky (57)

Buncha – Sloane (169), Oliver (116), Ryder (111), Witts (99), Roberton (91), Gray (90), JPK (87)

Two things are the difference in this clash. Firstly, Buncha brought in Selwood (127) which negated what would’ve been Griggsy’s 2nd highest scoring POD. Secondly, Rocky scored 57. If he’d scored 110 this one’s a tied ball game. Show’s how close the margins are in some of these end of season clashes where PODs can be light on.

TIP – Buncha’s PODs seem to have the goods over Griggsy’s but Sloane copping a heavy Levi Greenwood tag would swing things massively the other way. I’ve been on Griggsy for a few months now but the smart money would have to be on Buncha from here.


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6 thoughts on “SCT Cup Semi Finals – Rd1”

    1. Sorry lads but for my donuts in the last round matchups I would have had buncha covered.

      Again RB – great stuff and great concept!

      C’mon Yiorgi!!!


  1. Its going to be tough against the Power Rangers. Those guys have like special powers and stuff! 😀

    Feels like whatever trades i make this week will be the wrong ones!



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