SCT Dead Team League

Written by Motts on March 31 2015

SCT is launching a new leagueย today! Its the SCT Dead Team! (Upon reflection I probably could have come up with better name).

Here’s how it works:

You pick a team and can’t touch it for the rest of the season. The winner will be the team with the most accumulated points over the season. Sound easy enough? Want to get involved?

Good! Here’s what you need to do:

Download this spreadsheet first to select your team.

SCT Dead Team

You’re going to need to use SC prices for players and input them yourselves. You’ve got a salary cap of $9m. Don’t go over that or you won’t be eligible.

One of your players needs to be selected as captain. That player’s accumulated score will be doubled at the end of the year. To select that player, put a ‘Y’ in their row under the column marked “Captain (Y)”.

Father Dougal is helping us administer this one and he’s set up a special email address for you to mail your teams through to: Just replace the AT with a you-know-what. Once you’ve selected your team – email it through to him.

At the end of the season he’ll work some Excel magic to calculate the winner and we’ll announce it on the site. The winner will receive the honour of being elevatedย into the SCT Hall of Fame along with the winners of our LoEC and SCTTL leagues.

Pose any questions you have in Comments below.

Good luck!


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27 thoughts on “SCT Dead Team League”

  1. Great concept, count me in guys!

    A suggestion if I may, can we select both C (triple points) and VC (double points)? This gives you some insurance against unforseen injury to your selected player since we cannot make any changes once the season start.

    Motts – The email link is NOT working.


  2. Yeah great idea!!

    Father told me he got it from the EPL when he informed me I was 1st signed up. Big effort to manage so good on you for taking it on Father.
    The more players that get on board and support it the better. Hall of Fame must be an added incentive.


  3. I suspect the formatting on this will be bad, but I wanted to get my team out there. I don’t think sending it to myself would count as submitting it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I believe this is the 21st team entered as of when I am posting this. Get them in with a timestamp before the lockout starts!

    Position First Name Last Name Price Captain (Y)
    1 Defender K Simpson $512,800
    2 Defender R Murphy $475,700
    3 Defender J Newnes $436,800
    4 Defender G Ibbotson $342,900
    5 Defender B Goode $245,200
    6 Defender A Saad $102,400
    1 Midfielder J Kennedy $612,200
    2 Midfielder B Newton $215,000
    3 Midfielder M Priddis $606,200
    4 Midfielder J Selwood $649,900 Captain (Y)
    5 Midfielder D Beams $621,000
    6 Midfielder L Jong $273,200
    7 Midfielder P Cripps $211,400
    8 Midfielder C Ellis_Yolman $123,900
    1 Ruck N Natuani $488,300
    2 Ruck W Minson $501,400
    1 Forward D Martin $534,900
    2 Forward D Swan $464,500
    3 Forward T Walker $430,400
    4 Forward M Clark $155,200
    5 Forward C Mayne $382,100
    6 Forward R Gray $596,900


    Salary Cap $9,000,000

    Unspent $17,700


  4. Burgoyne (111), Gibson (108), Newnes (69), Lumumba (73), Brown (53), McIntosh (120).

    Ablett (238), Pendlebury (113), Selwood (69), Sloane (145), Lewis (154), Rich (126), Cripps (53), Van Berlo (82)

    Jacobs (73), Bellchambers (82)

    NRiewoldt (89), Hawkins (56), Breust (87), Salem (55), Clark (78), Saad (21).

    Overall: 2045 (shite forward line)



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