SCT Group Competition – The SCT Cup

Written by Motts on March 21 2017

Here at SCT we are continually striving to improve the experience you guys have on the site. And Roo Bloke has come up with a pearler of a suggestion that we reckon is going to do just that!

We’re going to give you another chance to prove you’re a really, really good coach and win $300 for your trouble! (Donated by Raj, Harbour Heroes, Double D and Motts).

We’re going to hold a competition within the SCT Group. Here’s how it’ll work:

Rounds 1 – 3 will be used for qualifying. At the end of Round 3, the top 256 teams in the SCT group will be entered into the competition (which we’re calling the SCT Cup).

#1 in the SCT rankings plays #256 in the SCT rankings, #2 plays no #255 etc…

Matches will be played across two rounds with the higher score going through and the lower scorer being eliminated. If there’s a tie the team with the higher seeding will advance.

Seedings are recalculated from those left in the comp with same format applying of highest seed plays lowest seed.

Rnd 1, 2 & 3 – no comp

Rnd 4 & 5 – rnd of 256

Rnd 6 & 7 – rnd of 128

Rnd 8 & 10 – rnd of 64

Rnd 9 – no comp (stupid bye week ‘cause of the China game)

Rnd 11, 12 & 13 (bye rounds) – rnd of 32

Rnd 14 & 15 – rnd of 16

Rnd 16 & 17 – qtr finals

Rnd 18 & 19 – semi final

Rnd 20 & 21 – grand final

We’ll put up a post each week with the scores. Every second week this post would include the following week’s match ups.

Roo Bloke is going to administer the comp for us. Why? Because he’s a goddamned legend.

If anybody out there would like to put up a prize for this comp we’ll make sure you get plenty of coverage on the site a la what we’ve done for the champions at Blundstone. What I can promise you is that the winner will be immortalised in the SCT Hall of Fame alongside all the other legends of our site.

Sound good? Well if you’re not in our Group already, get yourself in there! And don’t forget to add ‘@SCT’ after your name to give yourself a shot at the $600 on offer from Catta and Ratticus (legends)!

Our thanks to Roo Bloke not only for suggesting this but for looking after it as well. What a guy!



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36 thoughts on “SCT Group Competition – The SCT Cup”

  1. Just happy to do my bit for the community of the most awesome SC website going around.

    Any questions, fire away.

    Just hoping i’m in the top 256 so i actually make the cut!!!


  2. I’m really excited about yet another chance to prove that my SC ambitions are far greater than my talents. Thanks SCT, can never have too many reality checks!


  3. This is brilliant! Just a quick dumb question – the winner for each matchup is the team with the highest TOTAL score from the two weeks?


    1. Yeah mate. Got it in one. Only exception is the coaches who make it to the bye rounds play a three week H2H across rounds 11, 12 and 13.


      1. Put me down for $100. I feel I owe this site plenty (and contribute little)
        Thanks Roo Bloke for a great idea and for running the comp.


        1. Champion. Thank you, DD! I’ll email you my bank details.

          Raj also contacted me overnight and like the legend that he is has transferred over a pineapple. That takes the prize for the SCT Cup winner to a whopping $300!!


    1. You can join the group regardless and you will automatically be entered into “The SCT Cup”

      If you add “@SCT” to the end of your name, you will go into the running to win the money on offer for the highest ranked player with @SCT in their team name within that group.


  4. Update: We’ve got 274 in the group at the moment. The more the merrier!!! Looks like there will be some competition to make the top 256 and make the first round of the SCT Cup. More important than ever to get off to a good start this season.


  5. A site regular who wishes to remain anonymous has also donated $50 towards the SCT Cup overall prize. This will become the second place prize. So to summarise:

    SCT Cup Winner receives $300
    SCT Cup Runner Up receives $50

    That’s a great incentive to join the SCT Group today!


  6. Awesome stuff guys! I’m in Brazil at the moment, and would really like to thank everyone who puts the effort into this amazing site!


  7. What happens if your name is too long to fit the @SCT at the end. My team name currently is “Salt & Powell-Pepper” and don’t know if I could sacrifice the pun…



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