SCT League Updates – Rd2

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 5 2018

I’ll keep this Leagues list updated as best I can during the year.  If I have missed any Leagues that were formed here at SCT, then please let me know.

SCT Leagues In Top500

SCT Contributors – 30

The Looney Mooneys – 33

SCT2 – 38

TalksCheapSosYaMrs – 64

CattasSCTchallenge – 95

Last Minute Guns – 106

SCT LoEC3 – 110

The Fantasy Fiends – 119

The TEAM@SCT6 – 143

ManCanDream@SCT – 148

Late Starters@SCT – 172

ProspectusMeNow! – 187

CattaSCTchallenge3 – 198

TalksCheapSosYaMum – 200

HuttasLastMinute – 214

SCT LoEC1 – 242

The TEAM@SCT5 – 257

SCT7 – 286

SCT6 – 308

Leeuwin League 2 – 323

With Danger@SCT  – 340

Pattys SCT – 352

SCT3 – 362

SCT1 – 374

CattaSCTchallenge2 – 379

SCT LoEC2 – 383

Go Hard Or Go Home – 416

ArmChairExpertsSCT – 420

MaulTheSalamander – 449

SCT5 – 492


(Pound The Priest – 506)

(The TEAM@SCT10 – 535)

(SCTTop20k – 540)

(The TEAM@SCT4 – 552)

(SCT 10 – 554)

(The TEAM@SCT8 – 566)

Holy Hell…….The Contributors!!  What a great start to the season, hopefully there’s more to come…….if only that ‘Schwarz‘ fella would pull his finger out, aye? 😉

All in all we currently have thirty Leagues inside the Top500 with many more lurking just outside, great start to the year!!



29 SCT Coaches inside the Top1000 at the moment, very strong indeed!  And who’s leading the SCT Group Competition?  Who else but Raj?  Once again proving what an astute SuperCoach mind he possesses.  Shaggy and Matteo are both right up there as well.  Will be interesting to see how it develops.



Dermot leading the way early in the Tech League.  Long way to go, many changes to be made 😉


If you’ve got all the right rookies and you avoided Kreuzer, Ryder, M.Crouch & Greene then odds are you’re sitting pretty after Rd2.  If you can then hold your trades for another week.  If corrections need to be made then now is likely the best opportunity (queries on Hibberd and the like).  Otherwise we always need to be looking forward to our ‘perfect team’.  Good luck, Coaches!


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14 thoughts on “SCT League Updates – Rd2”

  1. I keep feeling bad when I look at those league placings and then look where I am on the ladder and I’m the one holding it back. My team is just as bad as Schwarz, so I better get my act together too.


  2. great to see loec1 climbing up. no thanks to me this week. forgetting to take the C off Olango on Easter Sunday is still hurting


  3. I’m in 3 leagues in the 300s. Also very happy to see my ownly organised league is at 340- With Danger@sct. Well done coaches!!


  4. Big shout out to all (3) CattaSCTchallenge league coaches all doing well, just shows the caliber of SC coaches that frequent this astonsinig Supercoach site ( SCT )

    Only slight disappointment, if we can possibly fit the prefix SCT somewhere in our league names let’s all embrace it & give the site extra coverage wherever we can coaches.

    Well done to everyone doing well, good luck to those that have experienced some bad luck early in the season in turning it around & joining the top 500 leagues ASAP

    Cheers Catta


  5. Last Minute Guns getting the job done! 2nd year for me in this one, Jumped in on this last year when it was posted up here with a few spots to fill,


    1. I’m sorry guys I’m going crap this year. 70k overall but about to break out…hopfully

      I started way better last year and ended shocking. This year is the other way around…again hopefully 🙂



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