SCT Leagues Update – Rd13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 14 2017

I’ve been keeping a list of all our top Leagues (any that were formed here) going around.  It’s not always accurate so double-check to see if your League gets a mention here.  I’ll update the post as soon as possible, thank you!


SCT Leagues In The Top500 Rankings

Leeuwin League 2 – 29

SCT1 – 86

CattasSCTchallenge – 106

TalksCheapSosYaMrs – 133

Top 20k Of SCT – 163

Pound The Priest – 174

SCT LoEC1 – 193

The TEAM@SCT2 – 221

SCT LoEC3 –  241

Last Minute Guns –  292

The TEAM@SCT9 – 297

Bruce McAvaney Cup – 323

SC-2017 – 328

Welcome To TGT –329

The Looney Mooneys – 340

The TEAM@SCT1 –351

Top 500 –377

SCT Abroad – 378

Man can dream –396

Jacks Pro League –416

SCT LoEC2 – 422

Leeuwin League – 430

Salamander Oil – 435

All Teeth No Pies –445

The TEAM@SCT6 –470

TalksCheapSosYaMum – 473

SCT Contributors – 483

The TEAM@SCT7 – 493

The TEAM@SCT5 –498

(The TEAM@SCT3 – 506)

(The Fantasy Fiends – 519)

(The TEAM@SCT8 – 575)

(SCT2 – 586)

(The TEAM@SCT10 – 589)

The SCT Leagues continue their rise in the rankings, now with 28 Leagues in the Top500!  There’s also another five in the Top600, looks like we planned nicely for the Bye Rounds 😉  Great effort, Coaches!  I’m quietly confident that we’ll see more SCT Leagues sneak up the rankings as the ‘ghost’ teams start creeping in after the Byes.



WOW!  Andy Bull with a 2136, where did that come from?  Andy leap-frogged a massive number of Coaches on the weekend and now finds himself in the Top100.  SCT now has 24 Coaches in the Top1000 and 44 in total throughout the Top2000.  Each week brings us a better result, keep up the good work!



Phillip leads the Tech League for another week but young Motts has got a sniff and he’s on a mission this year 😉  Every point counts, this is really gonna go down to the wire in 2017.


SCT Contributors League

Huttabito keeps rising in the rankings, now up to #274 overall.  Big shout out to Father Dougal who is now inside the Top2000 for the first time!!  Well done, FD!!  Unfortunately the Contributors League dropped 102 spots this week, down to #483 overall.

The SCT Coaches are slowly kicking into gear at the right time of year!  Best of luck for Rd13, Coaches!





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13 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Rd13”

    1. If it was organised here at SCT, then type in the name and ranking of the League and I’ll update the list…….


  1. Big shout out to all 17 coaches in CattasSCTchallenge league, without a win to the moderator of that league ( Catta drops head now ) for the season, I’m hoping there’s plenty of upside from Catta’s Clan to contribute to finishing top 25-50 leagues by seasons end!

    Come on us 🙂


    1. This is true Schwarzy – Cattas league is one tough league with great match ups each week. Need to crack the top 100 and then march inside the top 50!!


  2. I’m really really trying but everyone is so good. Hopefully some inspired trading will have the Buttslappers rise into the top 8 in the second half of the season.


  3. I’ve just gotta give a shout out to the people in The Leeuwin League. There’s not much banter on the League site but I’d be glad to go around again next year with you lot – or any year!
    Going super well. Unreal.



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