SCT Leagues Update – Rd21

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 14 2018

As always I’ve tried keeping track of the Top Leagues that were formed here at SCT.  If I’ve missed yours then let me know and I’ll update the post as soon as possible.


SCT Leagues In Top500

The Looney Mooneys – 27

CattasSCTchallenge – 40

SCT6 – 41

SCT2 – 53

SCT LoEC3 – 71

CattasSCTchallenge2 – 73

Maul The Salamander – 75

SCT LoEC2 – 79

SCTTop20k – 90

ManCanDream@SCT – 95

SCT LoEC1 – 96 (11)

SCT Contributors – 106

MaccasMaulers@SCT – 107

Go Hard Or Go Home – 114

Pound The Priest – 125

Last Minute Guns – 126

TalksCheapSosYaMrs – 129

Beat The Salamander4 – 142

CattaSCTchallenge3 – 156

SCT3 – 158

Salamander Island – 161

SCT nutbags – 181(22)

SCT7 – 204

TalksCheapSosYaMum – 206

The Fantasy Fiends – 223

HuttasLastMinute – 251

The TEAM@SCT1 – 267

I’m Ron Burgundy? – 269

SCT4 – 288

Leeuwin League 2 – 298

GoGetMyProspectus – 299 (31)

New Salamandia – 303

The TEAM@SCT4 – 305

The TEAM@SCT5- 312

Beat The Salamander3 – 314

I love SC@SCT – 347

SCT10 – 369

The TEAM@SCT3 – 387

LateStarters@SCT – 394

The TEAM@SCT2 – 395

The TEAM@SCT6 – 398 (41)

Pattys SCT – 428

The TEAM@SCT10 – 442

The TEAM@SCT9 – 465

SCT1 – 473 (45)

(ProspectusMeNow – 507)

(Ron Burgundy Cup – 521)

(WithDanger@SCT – 545)


The number of SCT Leagues may have shrunk a touch but the remaining Leagues continue to creep up in the Rankings.  Cattas SCT Challenge is as competitive as always, looking to finish Top50 for the 3rd time in four years.  Another Fact of note…….all three LoEC Leagues are sitting in the Top100!  Great consistency being shown by the SCT Coaches!



Lisa continues to lead the $500 SCT Group Prize with just two weeks to go.  Just 130 behind Lisa is our very own MJ@SCT who has been steaming home over the last few weeks.  MJ is on a mission to take out our Cash League (Go Hard Or Go Home, seen above at #114) this season after Motts beat him in the last two GFs (Motts isn’t in the last four this time around).  Just 15 pts behind MJ is ‘peroxide bombers‘ who plays against Lisa in the Prelim Final this week.  Good luck to you all!



The lead has changed again!  For the third time in as many weeks, Ruby has taken over and leads against Willy.  Looks like it’s a two-horse race at this late stage……..


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10 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Rd21”

  1. Ruby (my daughter) stuffed up last week bringing in macrae but losing her m/f dpp link leaving no coverage for Walters. Not sure if she can hold out Willy in the tech league.
    Was really hoping for glory in the tech league after a very average season with my main team.


  2. | MJ is on a mission to take out our Cash League (Go Hard Or Go Home, seen above at #114)

    Not if I have anything to do with it! Oh wait, i do….


    1. He’s looking ominous Hutta. Tough match for you. I’m in the other prelim and fingers crossed I’ll meet one of you in the Grannie.


    2. Only made it into 8th place on the ladder by less than 0.1% after winning 6 of the last 7 H&A matches. Seeking a fairytale finish to the year, Hutta. Please don’t ruin it! I’ll be telling my grandkids about this in 50 years if I can go on to win it.


  3. Well done to both CattasSCTchallengeleague 2 & 3 coaches, you’ve done the site proud coming together on short notice & performing so well!

    The original CattasSCTchallenge league who are currently 40th overall, well done everyone! It’s been a very competitive league all season, here’s to finishing better than our previous best of 25th overall 🙂


    1. Sorry Catta, I’ve held us back with consistent Captain and Vice Captain errors. I’ll try and get my sh#t together this week.



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