SCT Leagues Update – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 11 2018

I’ve done my best to keep track of the Leagues that were formed here at SCT.  Below is a list of our Leagues that are currently sitting in the Top500.  If I’ve missed any, please let me know……….


SCT Leagues Inside Top500

SCT2 – 11

SCT Contributors – 15

The Looney Mooneys – 24

SCT LoEC3 – 51

The TEAM@SCT6 – 64

The Fantasy Fiends – 90

CattasSCTchallenge – 111

Late Starters@SCT – 133

TalksCheapSosYaMrs – 151

ManCanDream@SCT – 160

MaulTheSalamander – 162

Last Minute Guns – 168

CattaSCTchallenge3 – 182

SCT LoEC1 – 212

HuttasLastMinute – 213

The TEAM@SCT5 – 219

With Danger@SCT  – 228

ProspectusMeNow! – 258

Go Hard Or Go Home – 294

SCT6 – 304

Leeuwin League 2 – 307

SCT1 – 308

SCT LoEC2 – 316

CattaSCTchallenge2 – 318

SCTTop20k – 323

Pound The Priest – 339

TalksCheapSosYaMum – 342

SCT3 – 343

SCT7 – 347

The TEAM@SCT10 – 351 30

SCT5 – 353

Pattys SCT – 392

NewSalamandia – 394

Beat The Salamander4 – 460

Crush The Salamander – 466

SCT nutbags – 467


The TEAM@SCT4 – 479

Salamander Island – 500 (39)

(The TEAM@SCT8 – 504)

(Beat The Salamander3 – 575)

(ArmChairExpertsSCT – 592)

In all my time of looking after League Updates, I can’t remember when we had 38 Leagues in the Top500, including three in the Top25!  SCT2 was formed by Coaches loooking to get into our Leagues Of Extraordinary Coaches… basically they are our ‘LoEC5’.  All members of SCT2 finished last year around the 7k-12k mark, great to see you all bounce back so well!  And the Contributors would probably be in the Top10 if not for that ‘Schwarz’ kid……..dead last on total pts……what an embarrassment 😉  Keep up the good work, Coaches!



We have 40 Coaches inside the Top1000, massive effort till now!  Our very own Father Dougal is sitting at #191 overall, his highest placing ever!



                                                                                                                                                                             Dermot is still leading the way in the Tech League.  With Ablett and Burgoyne out, there are bound to be a lot of changes being made..


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15 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Rd3”

  1. Well done Schwarz. I’m impressed you’ve managed to keep track of Leagues formed in previous years as well!!

    Here’s a little story about the Last Minute Guns which I set up last year currently cruising at #168 I thought I’d share.

    Had a new kid start work with us about 4 months ago – one of the reasons he probably got hired was because he loved his Footy and SuperCoach.

    Anyway I was asking him the other day how he was going in SC and he said he’d signed up to my league. Problem was I never recalled sending him an invite to any league.

    Just so happens he was somehow one of the coaches in Last Minute Guns last year and I’d obviously sent him an invite again this year for returning coaches. What confused us both was the invite went to his work email and he simply thought it was a work League while I did not have any inkling one of the coaches in Last Minute Guns was sitting right next to me!!!

    It’s a small world.


    1. To Alex, coach of Gumbies
      Don’t know if you had some bad luck along the way, but we checked your team and it is much, much better than your current ranking suggests. Don’t give up champ – SCT2 needs you! We’re winning this thing.
      The Other 17 Coaches in SCT2


      1. Agreed. From the guy who isn’t much higher up at the moment (im. Footy mcface) its a tight contest this year and the league is doing superbly so keep the faith!


  2. Good to see that nearly all the Salamander-branded leagues are going well, with only BeatTheSalamander 1 & 2 lagging behind.


    1. Salamander Island , for those of us who have never finished top 10k, going alright sitting at 500 . Let’s keep the competition strong.


  3. Long time lurker here, Coach of Ripe for Picken in SCT2. Huge group effort by everyone. Let’s keep flying the flag!



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