SCT Leagues Update – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 29 2016

SCT Leagues in the Top 400 Rankings:

SCTalk LoEC1 – 45


SCTalk Standard 1 – 129

SCTalk Standard 6 – 141

Rackemup@SCT – 253

SCTalk Standard 4 – 256

CattasSCTChallenge – 266

SCT Random League –284

SCTalk Standard 2 – 312


SCT H2H 005 – 354

SCT H2H 001 – 360

SCTalk Standard 3 – 370

TalksCheapSosYaMum – 381


Things are getting really tight at the top and the Leagues are no exception.  With only 40 pts (Avg pts per Rd) separating #1 from #400, The SCT Leagues are struggling slightly of late.  I’m guessing many SCT Coaches were hit by either the injury to JJ, the late withdrawal of Matt Priddis, S.Martin getting KO’d (all last week) and Captain Fyfe this week.  It doesn’t take much to drop off the pace, but when you’re hit by a number or all of those setbacks, then it takes its toll in terms of rankings.  LoEC1 at #45 & THE TEAM@SCT1 at #46 continue to fly the SCT flag as the only two SCT Leagues still in the Top100.

According to the SCT Group, Tim with Here I go Again is the only Coach left in the Top100.  He managed to hold steady during another tough weekend, dropping slightly from #5 to #7 overall.  Best of luck to you, Tim!!  Next best is James with his Smurphs at #191 then Motts with his Maulers, dropping to #306 after a total of 2050 last week.

Our numbers are starting to thin up the top, but there’s still a long way to go.  Guard your trades as best you can and I’m sure we’ll make a big comeback soon enough.

Sorry if I’ve missed someone, but I’m checking our official SCT Group here.  Let us know where you are in the rankings and I’ll update the post a.s.a.p.  Good luck this week, Coaches!


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6 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Rd5”

  1. Thanks Schwarzwalder!

    Was glad I came out only dropping two spots. Leaving the C on Fyfe instead of banking Goldy’s 125 was costly. Tough choice this week with Fyfe’s replacement.


  2. Apologies to all the above leagues that the Tribe is stinking up! Hopefully I can lift my game or the Tribe might be banned from the SCT leagues next year.



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