SCT Leagues Update – Rd9

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 23 2017

I’ve been keeping a list of all our top Leagues (any that were formed here) going around.  It’s not always accurate so double-check to see if your League gets a mention here.  I’ll update the post as soon as possible, thank you!


SCT Leagues In Top500 Rankings

Leeuwin League 2 – 106

SCT1 – 136

TalksCheapSosYaMrs – 173

CattasSCTchallenge – 220

Top 20k Of SCT – 252

Leeuwin League – 257

SCT LoEC3 – 289

Jacks Pro League – 292

The TEAM@SCT8 – 302

Top 500 – 314

Last Minute Guns – 329

SCT LoEC1 – 331

SC-2017 – 347

SCT Abroad – 354

The TEAM@SCT2 – 393

The TEAM@SCT9 – 419

Man can dream – 428

The Fantasy Fiends – 433

The Looney Mooneys – 441

The TEAM@SCT7 – 445

(SCT Contributors – 512)

(The TEAM@SCT3 –543)

(The TEAM@SCT1 – 567)

Six TEAM Leagues in the Top600 emphasize the depth of Coaches we have here at SCT.  Good work, Coaches!  Special mention this week to LoEC3 who jumped over 130 places to sit at #289 overall.  There are currently 20 SCT Leagues nestled into the Top500.



PK Strikers continues to creep up the Rankings, now at #187.  For the first time this year, we have four Coaches inside the Top300!  The Bye Rounds are going to be crucial, especially with everything so tight at the top.  Leading the SCT Competition at the moment is Wognuts@SCT.  Has he got a strategy for the Byes or not?  We’ll find out……..



As I mentioned in SCTTL Trade Talk, only 500pts seperating the Top20 Coaches.  Every point counts!  Whoever can navigate the Bye Rounds will go a long way to taking the Blundstones home……..

It’s very encouraging to see more of our Coaches in the Top500 this week.  Hoping this trend continues around the Byes.  Best of luck, Coaches!


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14 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Rd9”

    1. Just looked it up again, it’s still showing your League at #106. Something similar happened last year with the results. Usually clears up in a week or two……


  1. It ain’t much, but the Leeuwin League 2 is inside the top 100 Schwarz. Currently sitting at 98.


  2. Sorry that I’m off topic but is anyone else having major problems with the supercoach app. Keeps failing on me. Cheers


    1. Keeps telling me that i have a team of spuds. Tried reinstalling but I’ve still got the same bunch of spuds.


  3. Hello everyone at theteam@sct4, we are ranked at 1691 , going ok. This week we had two drawn games, wondering how often drawn games occur.



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