SCT Leagues Wrap-Up 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on September 1 2017

We’ve kept a close eye on all the SCT Leagues during the season.  Let’s see where they finished up……….


SCT Leagues In The Top500 Rankings

Leeuwin League 2 –17

SCT LoEC1 –32

The Looney Mooneys –78

Top 20k Of SCT –91

SCT1 – 115

CattasSCTchallenge – 126

The TEAM@SCT2 –175

TalksCheapSosYaMrs –193

The TEAM@SCT9 –207

Pound The Priest – 213 

SC 2017 – 215  

Jacks Pro League – 223

SCT LoEC3 –238

SCT LoEC2 –270

SCT Abroad –290  

SCT Contributors –346

The TEAM@SCT3-347

man can dream –360

SCT4 –369

The TEAM@SCT1 –377

GoGetMyProspectus! -380

SCT8 –388

SCT2 –429

Last Minute Guns –439

The TEAM@SCT5 –470

The TEAM@SCT6 –484

The TEAM@SCT7 –500

(AllTeethNoPies -518)

(The TEAM@SCT10 -537)

(SCT3 -548)

(The Leeuwin League -554)

(TalksCheapSosYaMum – 564)

27 SCT Leagues in the Top500 including four inside the Top100! Congratulations to Leeuwin League 2 on their #17 finish! That goes down with CattasChallenge (2015) and LoEC1 (2016) as one of our best ever Leagues…..well done to all involved, simply huge!!





cambeat10 was solid all season, rarely outside of the Top200 and has done well to finish at #122.  Winner of the SCT Group Prize was long-time leader Wognuts but Jeremy made him really earn it in the end.  Only 29 pts seperated the two Coaches, showing just how important that monster score from Rd22 was (2700+ from Wognuts).




Thomas timed his run to perfection over the last few weeks and took out the Tech League from Barry.  There are a pair of Blundstones waiting for you, Thomas………Congratulations!




Yiorgi finished strong with another respectable ranking just outside the Top1000.  Huttabito weakened over the last eight weeks after peaking around #300.  Motts managed to take home plenty of silverware in his Leagues and finished off nicely just outside the Top2000.  Father Dougal had his most successful season with a finish inside the Top5000…..well done, FD!!  The Contributors League was solid without being flashy and ended up at #346.


Be sure to get in touch with Motts if you have won any prizes (‘Motts AT supercoachtalk DOT com’), otherwise I look forward to seeing you all here again next season!!  Thanks for being a part of it all………..



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3 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Wrap-Up 2017”

  1. Fantastic effort by Leeuwin 2. Shout out to all my fellow competitors to sign up for next season and try for improvement – top ten and upwards from there. Dreaming, but may as well dream big!!


  2. What impresses me about LoEC1 doing so well is that these coaches had stellar seasons in 2016 to qualify for this league and they’ve backed it up in 2017. Top stuff!



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