SCT Premier League Update July 2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 13 2019

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)

Things are really starting to heat up in Premier League action, more so in Premier League 1 that’s sitting at a strong 64th of all leagues. Premier League 2’s got a few dragging their heels and they’re outside the top 1000 leagues, not really befitting their name as a Premier League. A reminder that these league spots were formed allocated based on past performance in the overall rankings or the major SCT competitions and leagues. Also, remember there is prizemoney up for grabs, kindly donated by allsaints. The Premier League 1 GF winner gets $75 and the Premier League 2 GF winner gets $25. Both GF winners also get a spot in the Hall of Fame.



Probably a prime time to remind everyone of these details.

* 9th and 10th in Premier League 1 will be relegated to Premier League 2 in 2020.

* The minor premier and the GF winner (or GF loser, if the minor premier wins the GF) from Premier League 2 will be promoted to Premier League 1 in 2020.

* 9th and 10th from Premier League 2 PLUS the lowest ranked loser in finals week one (6th, 7th or 8th) are out of the comp in 2020.

* The 2019 SCT Cup Winner, SCT Group Winner and LoEC1 Champion all earn a spot in the 2020 Premier League 2.

* In the event that someone already in Premier League 1 or 2 is the 2019 SCT Cup Winner, SCT Group Winner or LoEC1 Champion, less teams will be relegated out of Premier League 2.



Last time I slammed Macca for his low resolution image he sent through to me. Well, I’m the one who seemed to come up with a dodgy underground back-alley copy this time round. What’s that expression about karma??

With three rounds remaining before finals, Lisa and David are already goneski with Catta and Kyuubi now looking safe from the drop zone. As for the battle for the cash, anything can happen in finals but it’s looking like it’s Yiorgakis’ to lose. He’s a machine in this SC caper and his team is humming along nicely. Hutta, Griggsy and Raj are all looming as potential grand finalists but keep an eye on Wognuts who’s on a hot streak and smoking up the competition in the last month. As for me, I’m cracking the whips but my horse ain’t going nowhere.


In Premier League 2 Macca’s got one foot in next year’s Premier League 1 with a two game cushion and three rounds to go. Bearded Burbler and Sean’s Mob loom as the most likely to end up with the second promotion spot but we won’t know ‘til the end of the finals series. At the other end of the spectrum, michael and Matthew already have their exit papers stamped with one more to fall, the lowest loser in the first week of the finals.


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2 thoughts on “SCT Premier League Update July 2019”

  1. Nice one RB!!

    Made a mistake today (last night actually) – playing the Bearded one – will come out more a bit later – but he may whittle down my lead *sad face* – basically I buggered my trades up … these things hurt!!

    Also, I think the bottom two in this league aren’t really ones that should be there? (may be wrong – but just had the feeling that the league was automatically filled?) – you may know better via the names?


    1. My suspicion is there’s a ring in in Premier League 1 and a couple in Premier League 2 …. and i’m super pleased that they’re struggling. Thinking hat is on to rectify the situation moving into 2020.



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