SCT Premier Leagues Update Rd9

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 21 2019

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)




New this season these two leagues are for the crème de la crème of the SCT community with spots allocated based on excellence in the overall rankings and the major SCT competitions and leagues. ICYMI earlier in the season, the intention is that these leagues will run into perpetuity with promotion and relegation (full details at the end).


A reminder that there is prizemoney up for grabs, kindly donated by allsaints. The Premier League 1 GF winner gets $75 and the Premier League 2 GF winner gets $25. Both GF winners also get a spot in the Hall of Fame.



In Premier League 1 Yiorgakis (Phat Side) has almost locked up a top 4 spot already with Griggsy and Hutta (Mumma’s Bois) also looking likely top 4 finishers. There’s then a real log jam of positions with 4th through 9th all on virtually the same percentage and within one win of each other. RickJames is in the drop zone a win behind and trailing on percentage. The upcoming byes will be telling and a favourable draw could really see teams rocket up into top four contention.


Macca may be coaching a damn fine SC team but his screenshot work needs to improve with the blurry image below the best he sent me. It looks like he’s taken the pic from a white van with tinted windows, through binoculars, through a gap in a curtain peering over Bearded Burbler’s right shoulder while he tinkered on his SC team. But I digress. Macca’s got a one game lead from a massive pack vying for top four and the double chance. The Minor Premier is one of our two team to earn promotion to Premier League 1 in 2020 so it’s important that teams push hard to snare top spot. The bottom three is interesting as the 9th and 10th finisher will be relegated from these leagues with 8th heading into a must win elimination final. With three teams seemingly locked in a dogfight for 8th spot and a chance to stay in the league next year it’s getting tense for these teams down near the bottom.



* 9th and 10th in Premier League 1 will be relegated to Premier League 2 in 2020.

* The minor premier and the GF winner (or GF loser, if the minor premier wins the GF) from Premier League 2 will be promoted to Premier League 1 in 2020.

* 9th and 10th from Premier League 2 PLUS the lowest ranked loser in finals week one (6th, 7th or 8th) are out of the comp in 2020.

* The 2019 SCT Cup Winner, SCT Group Winner and LoEC1 Champion all earn a spot in the 2020 Premier League 2.

* In the event that someone already in Premier League 1 or 2 is the 2019 SCT Cup Winner, SCT Group Winner or LoEC1 Champion, less teams will be relegated out of Premier League 2.


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2 thoughts on “SCT Premier Leagues Update Rd9”

  1. Macca betta keep peering because I’m coming for him! Haha

    Thanks again for the concept and write up RB.


  2. Hey – how did you know what I was doing RB??? … Were you watching me?? … You’ve got me spot on!!

    BB – bring it on mate!! Let the rivalry begin!!

    And again Roobloke – thanks for organising these great comps … really adds a new dimension!!

    Let the drama continue to unfold!!



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