SCT Punters Club

Written by Motts on August 29 2018

If you’re keen to get involved with the SCT Punters Club, now’s the time to register your interest.

It’ll cost you $60 to join the 20 shrewd punters already in the club and means you’ll be on something different every weekend, sharing in our wins (and the occasional loss 😉

You’ll also get a chance to dictate the bets the club places that week.

Now in our 15th round, I’d love to tell you we’ve been incredibly successful over the journey but the truth is we’ve dropped 50% on what the original punters invested.

The good news though is that some of our more unsuccessful punters have moved on – you can leave at any time – and we’ve been making money since last year!

So with that full disclosure, if you’re still interested, email me: Motts at SuperCoachTalk dot com and I’ll answer any further questions you’ve got.


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10 thoughts on “SCT Punters Club”

  1. I’m not much of a punter but I’m feeling cashed up so I’ll have a crack this year. Do you want the cashola sent to the normal account, Mottsy?



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