SCT Punters Club – New Nominations

Written by Motts on January 4 2016

The SuperCoachTalk Punters Club has been running for two and a half years and recently has been going from strength to strength in terms of the number of people joining and its success. If you consider yourself a bit of a tipping legend and like a punt with your mates, you might be interested in joining us.

We’re about to kick off PC8 so if you’re keen to get in, now’s the time. Cost of entry is $80.46 and that will buy you a share of whatever we win and the chance to take the reins one week with $80 and show us all how much of a sporting nostradamus you are.

Unlike Bill Vlahos’ syndicate there’s no problems getting your cash so if anyone from PC7 wants out let me know via email including your bank details and I’ll transfer $80.46 usually within one working day.

I’m hoping to kick PC8 off this weekend so I’ll give both sets of punters until Wednesday to let me know. You can email me via the About Us page above or directly if you’ve contacted me before.

May all your roughies come home.


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2 thoughts on “SCT Punters Club – New Nominations”

  1. Motts have you had any takers deciding to join?

    Motts you are probably all over it one way or the other if it is kicking off this week or not!
    I do reckon though if you are going to kick it off this week you should give your nominated punter notice by tomorrow to give them time to research , and think about their bets with $80 now on hand.



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