SCT Punters Club – PC10

Written by Motts on October 28 2016

The next round of the Punters Club kicks off this week and we’re celebrating by getting not one, not two, but THREE Punters up to have a crack at winning us some dough.

First up is Davo who’s Uber’ing us all to Flemington for Derby Day. He’s on:

Race 6, #7 Don’t Doubt Mumma

$20 EW @ BT

Race 8, Boxed trifecta: 1,3,9,10,14

$10 buys 16.66% (he’s since admitted to me that he meant to put this on R7)

And to finish us off, he’s gone a quaddie:

1,2,4,7,14 / 1,3,9,10,14 / 2,11 / 3,5,9,11

$30 buys 15%

Next up is Deano who’s managed to get us all into the Birdcage! He’s on all of the following at BT:

MR1 #11 10W
MR2 #7 10W
MR3 #15 10W
MR5 #4 10W
MR 6 #15 10W
MR 7 #15 10W
MR8 #6 10W
PR(Ascot)6 #11 10 W

And finally, Yiorgakis has piled us all  into his private jet to take us around Europe to watch obscure soccer matches:

Multi 1 
Manchester Utd – EPL
Braga – Portugal
Atletico – Spain
Western Sydney – A-League

$50 @ 3.29

Multi 2 
Twente – Netherlands
Nice – France
AC Milan – Italy
Salzburg – Austria

$30 @ 5.09

In terms of membership this time around, we’ve lost Burls and Old Mate Geoff – thanks for playing, lads!

Good luck to all our Punters this week. Bring it home, boys!!



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15 thoughts on “SCT Punters Club – PC10”

  1. Should any of Deano’s picks get scratched or returned as bonus bets (if they finish 2nd or 3rd in races 1-4), I’ll scramble to put these on:
    PR 7 #9 10W
    SR(Rose) 4 #14 10W
    SR 5 #5 10W


  2. In the final wash-up, Deano was the only one who managed to score for us over the weekend with two winners getting home for a Punters Club collect of $177.20. Good job, Pal. We’ll bank $157.20 of that and give you $20 for Cup Day.

    Joining him to punt on The Race That Stops A Nation will be Team Still Needs Work.

    I’ll also throw a boxed tri on using Group Bet money. Watch for the post today that asks you for your three selections.



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