SCT Standard League Winners 2016

Written by Motts on August 30 2016

In addition to our other leagues (see yesterday’s post), we had a ton of coaches in our Standard leagues this year. Here are the results of the Top 8 grannies in all of those:

SCT1 – Kurama (coached by Gavin) def ShannonWasRobbed (coached by Joel who clearly still isn’t over Guy Sebastian’s victory in 2003) 2,709 (!!) – 2,478

SCT2 – Deelirious@SCT (coached by the lovely Fiona) def JJ’s Circus @ SCT (coached by James) 2,558 – 2,394

SCT3 – Spruce Moose (coached by Jacob) def Maccas Maulers (coached by Macca) 2,414 – 2,378

SCT4 – Edwards Allstars (coached by BRETT EDWARDS!!) def our very own MJ @ SCT 2,558 – 2,457

SCT5 – Lucky Phil (coached by, um, Phil) def Buttslappers@SCT (coached by Wayne) 2,548 – 2,404

SCT6 – Mumma’s Bois @ SCT (coached by Andrew) def Dustbinlids (coached by Rustin) 2,532 – 2,447

SCT7 – Thaitanic@SCT (coached by Jeff) def Brockers Beasts (coached by Stacy) 2,611 – 2,520

SCT8-12 – All of these were managed by Nath who I’m not able to get a hold of. If you were in one of these leagues, could you let us know the final scores in Comments in the format I’ve provided above?


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5 thoughts on “SCT Standard League Winners 2016”

  1. Motts

    Thanks for all the hard work you have done this year.
    As a first time player in you leauges SCTalk Standard 4 and THE TEAM@SCT1 I have loved it and WILL be back next year to give it another go.

    Are the leauges the same each year?


    1. No mate, we re-jig them every year. Be back on the site at the beginning of the year to get amongst it again. Thanks for the kind words, champ.



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