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Written by Motts on February 17 2016

Our Statistics page gets a ton of hits during the year when astute coaches need to research players’ prices, averages, and breakevens.

After a ton of work by Macca overnight (who’s skills with Excel can be likened to Gary Ablett’s with a footy), our resident numbers guru, Nath, has now updated our Stats page with the starting prices of every 2016 player.

What’s more, we’re now offering it to you on two pages to provide a better stats viewing experience!

The traditional Statistics page is the one you’re used to.

The new Trader page has no peripheral stuff so you can see more stats at once! Mmmmm more stats…

I suggest you right click on the links above and open them in a new tab so you can easily jump between our forum and our stats but hey I’ll leave that up to you.

Our thanks go to Macca once again for working his ass off for us. Champion! And great job by Nath on the Trader page!


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