SCT Tech League 2018 – Entry Details

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 21 2018

The time has come for the SCT Tech League to start in 2018!

The theme for 2018 is ‘Masters & Apprentices‘ with no premium under the age of 30. Mission: Accomplished!

Anyone playing in one of our SCTTL leagues MUST start with this team. The only decisions you need to make are: who plays on field and who will be captain and vice captain. Once Round 1 has finished you are free to trade to your heart’s content.  This is a true test of the Supercoach……how well can you form a winning team from these humble beginnnings. (Thanks to Huttabito for setting up this magnificent line-up!)

If you would like to join up, then please send your Team Name & Alias (on the SCT site) details to: Schwarzwalder ‘at’ supercoachtalk ‘dot’ com.  I will then reply to you with the League Code and Tech League Group.  While we’ll be playing together in the League games, it is ultimately your standing in the Tech League Group that will determine the overall winner.

It must be noted that anyone who plays in our SCTTL Leagues technically cannot win the $50k main prize because they will be fielding two teams. Its up to you how you deal with that: you either accept it, or you start managing a team for your mum/wife/neighbor/pet godlfish/whatever!

Any questions, feel free to post them in Comments below.

Looking forward to taking you all on again!

** David Johnson, 2Ezy, MackAttack & dotrat…….you have already been entered and will receive the League codes shortly **


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11 thoughts on “SCT Tech League 2018 – Entry Details”

  1. Now there’s a team requiring some serious strategic thinking and player management during the year. Is there a button to use for general soreness/managed instead of trades.

    Agree Jack, trades will be gold, however love the concept guys and application sent. Good luck with this everyone who joins, should be a lot of fun as well as the challenge


  2. Im just looking at who to fix first! Too many options and that fwd line is looking like a nightmare. If i had a doughnut playing round 1 i knew who to fix round 2 but this is another level


    1. You can field all spots on field with 30+ players. Their combined best season averages is 2,500 points with Captain score.



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