SCT Tech League – REMINDER

Written by Chips Ahoy! on March 20 2019

Just a reminder of the rules to everyone entering Tech League this year for the first time.

  1. You must start with the squad of 30 players below (including Gaff and any rookies that aren’t named tomorrow night)
  2. You can bench and captain whomever you like
  3. You must have $187,900 in your bank (Remaining Salary) at the completion of Round 1
  4. You cannot make any trades until Supercoach opens for Round 2 on Monday March 25
  5. From Round 2 onwards you can trade however you like

Good luck to all coaches entering this year!

** To sign-up for the SCT Tech League, email your interest to: Schwarzwalder ‘at’ supercoachtalk ‘dot’ com.  He’ll provide a League and Group Code. Please sign up TODAY as the season-opening Thursday is our busiest day of the year **


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3 thoughts on “SCT Tech League – REMINDER”

  1. Can’t wait. This is going to be such a welcome distraction from the other carnage we all face.
    Gonna be the most enjoyable and challenging year in 2019.
    Bring. It. On.



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