SCT Tech League Results 2018

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 28 2018

The Tech League literally became a showdown between two teams over the last half of the year.  I lost count of the number of lead changes we had over the last ten weeks.  And in the end, another lead change means that our 2018 SCT Tech League Champion is………….

…..Ruby (DoubleD)!!  CONGRATULATIONS, DOUBLE D!!  A big weekend saw Ruby leap-frog Willy and take out the coveted prize of 2018 Tech League Champion.  You’ll have a special place reserved in the SCT Hall Of Fame.

In years gone by, the Tech League Champion would’ve received a pair of Blundstones as Grand Prize………..unfortunately our ‘Blundstone Connection’ is no longer with us (RIP Hawker).  If we manage to secure a sponsorship in the near-future, then we’ll organise something extra for Ruby……..


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3 thoughts on “SCT Tech League Results 2018”

  1. Well done Ruby. After setting such a challenging team I feel like I should have shared some of the pain.

    Out of curiosity, what was the winning team and how many of the original masters and apprentices lasted the distance?


  2. Thrilled to just last the distance after an epic battle with Willy. We got lucky with buddy’s late out as we were carrying a donut for Walters and Willy had buddy which evened things up.
    My (daughters)tech team ended up ranked 20953
    Beating my main team 24846 which had a generally sad year(apologies to several top Leagues which were dragged down.
    Will proudly refer to my self as two time tech league winner from now on. Fluked a win back in 2013 when it was a finals series comp. Unfortunately that was before the great man hawker (RIP) was donating Blundstones.
    This team came third for the round early on so maybe we’ll get a cheque for $250 sometime.
    I should be splitting that with you hutta as it was pretty much your team.
    Starting team
    Simpson Hodge Shaw Vince
    Naughton Doedee Murray Coffield
    Ablett Murphy Pendles Goddard
    Burgoyne A Brayshaw LDU
    Kelly Finlayson Stephenson
    Martin Sandy olango
    Jack Buddy Mundy
    Daisy Lids Rayner
    Fritsch L Ryan

    Finishing team ended up

    Lloyd yeo Brayshaw
    Laird Simpson duman
    Shaw mihocek

    Danger Mitchell McRae Cripps
    Ward Merrett cognilio pendles
    Holman Phillips Giro

    Gawn Martin olango

    Mundy daisy Walters
    McDonald McLean gray
    Smith battle.
    Looks like we only had seven keepers including olango
    So lord knows how we got through.
    May have just pulled another ‘Stephen Bradbury’
    Thanks hutta and SCT for running such a fun comp


    1. I had Spargo emergency and u still spanked me with a donut. Well deserved DD. Just lacked a couple of stars in my team unfortunately. I was praying Grundy would get me over the line. But I thought a few weeks back you’d come home pretty hard, and u did



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