SCT Writers League Wrap Episode V

Written by Motts on April 29 2016

It was a round where Supercoaches hoped to recover after a devastating round four, the weekend offered some semblance of a return to normal, if not excellent, scoring form.

And then disaster struck.  Nat Fyfe was pulled off with around 50 points to his name; and Supercoaches around the land were once again reeling from the blow, especially those who had him as their Captain.

On a personal note; this was a major factor in my victory over Don Cottagers; for the second week running, I’ve won my SCT Writers League clash in no small part to my opponent’s captain’s low score; though I shared in the misfortune of having Fyfe.

With Fyfe in 2/3rds of the SCT League squads, it will be interesting to see who replaces him – perhaps there will be a greater diversity in sides from now on – or perhaps, some players like Pendlebury, Selwood and Priddis will add their talents to some squads.

Two players departed 100% ownership – swingman Mitch Brown, and Gold Coast midfielder Ryan.  Aaron Hall and Patrick Dangerfield made it a straight swap, as every coach in the SCT Writers League now has these two players.

Alex Rance was a semi-popular replacement for Jason Johannisen, and the three side who brought him in will now have to sit him on the sidelines for the next fortnight – but at least he won’t get injured.   Probably.

On an overall note; pacesetter Motts will be looking to return to form after a comparatively disappointing couple of weeks dropped him to 306th, whilst the one-two punch he forms with MJ is still going strong on top of the SCT Writers League overall ladder.

In the league itself, victories to Father Dougal, Thommo, Brods, Motts and Macca ensured that no side is winless at the start of round 6, with only Motts unbeaten so far.  The bottom nine is separated by percentage only; and any one could reasonably hope to surge up the ladder.


Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Cumulative Predictions
2 Boyds, 1 Cup 1976 2050 The Maulers @ SCT 74 A 1/1
Meandering Journey 2193 1987 Don Cottagers 206 A 1/2
GarryWhyULyon?@SCT 2007 2080 Dirty Kelsos SCT 73 A 2/3
The Mighty Blues 2080 2083 All Priests @SCT 3 H 2/4
Harbour Heroes@SCT 2143 2171 MJ @ SCT 28 A 3/5
Roo Bloke’s Mob 2012 2125 Macca Maulers@SCT 113 A 4/6
Schwarzwalder@SCT 1906 1975 Thommo’s Tribe@SCT 69 A 5/7
Small Victories 2216 1943 Golden Delicio@SCT 273 A 5/8
The Big Sexy SCT 2210 2134 Curnow Inferno 76 A 5/9


  Trade In Trade In Trade Out Trade Out Trades Left
The Maulers @ SCT         26
Harbour Heroes@SCT Rance Byrne-Jones Johannisen Lonergan 24
Dirty Kelsos SCT Byrne Byrne-Jones McDonald Papley 24
MJ @ SCT Rance   Johannisen   27
Small Victories Zorko   Johannisen   26
GarryWhyULyon?@SCT Ward Byrne-Jones Johannisen Gresham 26
Maccas Maulers@SCT Zaharakis Byrne-Jones Dunkley Papley 24
Thommo’s Tribe@SCT Zaharakis Byrne-Jones Crouch, B Lonergan 25
All Priests @SCT         29
2 Boyds, 1 Cup Ward Ruggles Gray, S Gresham 26
Don Cottagers Rance Byrne-Jones Johannisen Papley 27
Meandering Journey Dangerfield Byrne-Jones Griffin Sheridan 27
Curnow Inferno Byrne-Jones   Dunkley   27
Roo Bloke’s Mob Zaharakis Byrne-Jones Johannisen Davis 25
The Big Sexy SCT Wagner Byrne-Jones Brown Papley 25
Schwarzwalder@SCT Byrne   Lonergan   25
Golden Delicio@SCT Hall Byrne-Jones Johannisen Oliver 26
The Mighty Blues Zorko Byrne-Jones Barlow Papley 25


  Team Name Coach Points %
1 The Maulers @ SCT Motts 12 105.4
2 Small Victories Chips Ahoy! 8 106.1
3 Maccas Maulers@SCT Macca 8 103.8
4 Meandering Journey Eagling 8 101.4
5 Roo Bloke’s Mob Roo Bloke 8 101.2
6 The Big Sexy SCT Big Sexy 8 101
7 2 Boyds, 1 Cup Pogues Mahone 8 100.3
8 MJ @ SCT MJ 8 100.2
9 The Mighty Blues Team Still Needs Work 4 99.8
10 Curnow Inferno Juddlow 4 99.5
11 Harbour Heroes@SCT Harbour Heroes 4 99.1
12 All Priests @SCT Father Dougal 4 99.1
13 Thommo’s Tribe@SCT Thommo 4 99
14 Dirty Kelsos SCT Brods 4 98.3
15 Schwarzwalder@SCT Schwarzwalder 4 98.1
16 GarryWhyULyon?@SCT The TEAM @ SCT 4 97.7
17 Don Cottagers Don Cottagers 4 96.5
18 Golden Delicio@SCT Nath 4 93.9


Position Home Team Away Team Position
7 2 Boyds, 1 Cup Meandering Journey 4
16 GarryWhyULyon?@SCT The Maulers @ SCT 1
9 The Mighty Blues Don Cottagers 17
11 Harbour Heroes@SCT Dirty Kelsos SCT 14
5 Roo Bloke’s Mob All Priests @SCT 12
15 Schwarzwalder@SCT MJ @ SCT 8
2 Small Victories Macca Maulers@SCT 3
6 The Big Sexy SCT Thommo’s Tribe@SCT 13
10 Curnow Inferno Golden Delicio@SCT 18

2 Boyds, 1 Cup (7) v (4) Meandering Journey.

PODS:   Shaw, Laird, Birchall, Ruggles, Mills, Ward, Oliver, Read, Kennedy, Dahlhaus v Byrne-Jones, Bartel, Yeo, Hewett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Selwood, Wyatt, Zorko, Uebergang

These two coaches were in LoEC 2 in 2015; in round 8, they had a thrilling encounter which ended 2147-2152, a five point win for Pogues Mahone.

If last season is anything to go by, we’ll be in for a cracking contest.  Both sides have Fyfe to deal with, and that trade may just decide how the result goes.  Rucks are all but equal, and the forwards are nearly so, with Dahlhaus v Zorko.  But in the middle and down back, there is a schism.  Pogue Mahone has the stronger defence, while Eagling can probably boast the stronger midfield.   But these players must perform on the field, and Eagling has been riding his luck in the past fortnight.

The luck to continue, the away side to come away with the points.

GarryWhyULyon?@SCT (16) v (1) The Maulers @ SCT

PODS:  Byrne-Jones, Shaw, Laird, Lonergan, Mills, Menadue, Ward, Priddis, Gawn, McCarthy v Hartley, Houli, Docherty, Hewett, Wines, Petracca, Goldstein, Zorko, McGovern, Dahlhaus

The Team has been performing decently in the overall ladder, but that hasn’t translated to success in the league format; but this clash should not be considered a lopsided one, despite the disparity in ladder position.  Both sides have to replace Nathan Fyfe; and Motts will welcome Christian Petracca, as reports suggest he will debut against St. Kilda.  The two premier ruckman in the competition in Max Gawn and Todd Goldstein may be pivotal to both teams.

Motts will doubtlessly build his warchest by replacing Nat Fyfe with Carlton fan favourite Liam Jones, whilst it remains to be seen what The TEAM will do.  I’m tipping the away side to go 4-zip to start the season. 

The Mighty Blues (9) v (17) Don Cottagers

PODS:  Bartel, Simpson, Smith, Liberatore, Wines, Petracca, Parish, Sloane, Jacobs, McCarthy, Zorko, Milera v Shaw, Rance, Ablett, Menadue, Hewett, Dunkley, Rockliff, Selwood, Martin, Grimley, Barlow, Simpkin

Both sides have Fyfe to deal with, while Don Cottagers is still counting the cost from a disastrous Sunday, with Alex Rance to sit out for the next two weeks.  Despite this, I’m going to tip the away side in this one.

Harbour Heroes@SCT (11) v (14) Dirty Kelsos SCT

PODS:  Laird, Rance, Gibson, Hewett, Parker, Zaharakis, Young, S. Mitchell, Max King, Papley, Zorko v Dea, Houli, Rich, Byrne, Ablett, Rockliff, Gresham, Ward, Priddis, Grimley, Barlow

The first clash reviewed where neither side have Nat Fyfe to worry about, though the home side has Alex Rance.  I’m going to tip the away side in this one.

Roo Bloke’s Mob (5) v (12) All Priests @SCT

PODS:  Weitering, Byrne-Jones, Houli, McDonald, Ablett, Fyfe, Mills, Menadue, Rockliff, Zaharakis, Young, M. Crouch, Goldstein, Loersch, D. Martin, Franklin v Lonergan, Sheridan, Yeo, McKenzie, Davis, Pendlebury, Hannebery, R. Gray, B. Crouch, Duncan, Ah Chee, Naitanui, Max King, McCarthy, S. Gray, Steele

Roo Bloke suffered his first loss of the season to Macca, and he has the distinction of being the first side reviewed to have Nat Fyfe as a POD, and he’s up against a side that has made only one trade all year.  By contrast, Father Dougal managed a first win of the season, a three point triumph that might prove to be invaluable.

Father Dougal is probably the mid-priciest side in the competition, and it remains to be seen if Father Dougal will keep faith with this structure, or use his trades to switch to a more typical structure.  I’m going to break my trend and tip the home side here.

Schwarzwalder@SCT (15) v (8) MJ @ SCT

PODS:  Hartley, Bartel, Birchall, Byrne, Ablett, Mills, Dunkley, R. Gray, S.Martin, Mitchell King, Greene, Simpkin v Lonergan, Rance, Sheridan, Rich, Hewett, Parker, Wines, B. Crouch, Shiel, Gawn, Loersch, McGovern

Schwarzwalder will be hope that his fortunes turn around after the lowest SCT Writers League score of the round, whilst MJ continued to motor along nicely, a win against Harbour Heroes and he slid into the top 8. 

Both sides have Fyfe, and MJ will have to deal with Alex Rance, but he might get Brad Crouch back from injury.  On the overall ladder, this is a lopsided clash, but one should never discount a quality coach like Schwarzwalder. 

Schwarzwalder will be hoping that Robbie Gray and Stefan Martin turn their form around, and that Toby Greene continues with his good scoring, while MJ will be hoping that he can find cover for Alex Rance.  I’m going to tip the home side in this one; I feel that the game will be close, but Schwarzwalder will manage to push himself over the line for a vital win. 

Small Victories (2) v (3) Maccas Maulers@SCT

PODS:   Bartel, Smith, Hewett, Wines, Gresham, Hannebery, S. Martin, Papley, McCarthy, Barlow, Zorko, Greene, Milera v Byrne-Jones, Shaw, Lonergan, Simpson, Fyfe, Mills, Menadue, Zaharakis, Petracca, Keays, T. Mitchell, Naitanui, D. Martin

This is doubtlessly the match of the round, with both sides sitting pretty near the top of both ladders.  The away side will have to deal with Nat Fyfe, but will probably welcome Petracca and Keays for debuts.  This is extremely close to call, but I’m going to tip the home side.

The Big Sexy SCT (6) v (13) Thommo’s Tribe@SCT

PODS:  Hartley, Houli, Simpson, Wagner, Dunkley, Gresham, Pendlebury, Parish, Grimley, Jacobs, McGovern, Greene v Brown, Weitering, Laird, Fyfe, Mills, Hewett, Zaharakis, Wyatt, Naitanui, Papley, McCarthy, S. Gray

Once again the away side has Nat Fyfe to deal with.  I’m going to tip the home side here.

Curnow Inferno (10) v (18) Golden Delicio@SCT

PODS:  Laird, Houli, Mills, Menadue, Hewett, Parker, Wines, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Grimley, Lobbe, Kennedy, Papley, McCarthy v Bartel, Brand, Fyfe, Dunkley, Rockliff, Gresham, R. Gray, Goldstein, Currie, McGovern, Milera, Franklin, Lamb, Rioli

Both sides are coming off of a loss, with Juddlow posting a decent score against Big Sexy, while Nath was belted by the liar, Chips Ahoy, who had the biggest victory of the round.   Nath has POD rookies, and so far, they haven’t seemed to fire, and he has Fyfe to deal with.  The only saving grace he has is Goldstein against Juddlow’s Lobbe.  Still, I reckon the home side will triumph here.


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10 thoughts on “SCT Writers League Wrap Episode V”

  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Eagling…….but have you seen the rankings? Don’t think MJ is sweating too much about this clash. My rabble has now lost Gray…….what else can go wrong?


      1. You’re not far off, Thommo!

        Eagling, I’ll save you the trouble of looking it up later……..
        Fyfe to Hannebery &
        Dea to Sloane (via DPPs)
        23 trades left


  2. Thanks Eagling. Really enjoy reading these each week. As you say, despite Schwarzwalder’s slow start to the year, it’s only a matter of time before he kicks into gear. Chances are it’ll be against my Rance-less mob this week.


  3. “Motts will doubtlessly build his warchest by replacing Nat Fyfe with Carlton fan favourite Liam Jones” – Love it!


  4. Missed knocking off MJ by 28 points. I think that is my biggest loss so far this year. Been so close to an undefeated run, yet languishing at the bottom.

    Stef Martin has been the killer for me, underperforming in all my league matchups. That and trading in JJ to replace Rocky, only to do his hammy, and then Rance to replace him.

    Shades of 2015 all over again.

    Still, close losses make for a hope of close victories. One trade this week, and hope for continued growth in my booming cashcows.



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