SCTTL Grand Final 2012

Written by Motts on August 28 2012

Our two SCTTL Grand Finallists have been decided and they’re both white hot right now.

The results from last week’s Prelims were:

Bluez Cluez (2,307) was DEF BY Sensei Pabs (2,496), and

SCTTLSIMMO (2,169) was DEF BY Jesters Crew (2,434)

Condolences go out to Cluez and Simmo. You boys both had ripping years. Thanks for playing.

So Sensei Pabs lines up this week against Jesters Crew to determine who the inaugural winner of our SCTTL competition will be. Good luck to both coaches!


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5 thoughts on “SCTTL Grand Final 2012”

  1. Best of luck Jester. We couldn’t make the finals in our respective SCTTL leagues but somehow we’ve fought our way through to the main stage. May this be a Battle Royale …
    Happy to say my SCTTL team is currently ranked 1735 overall & almost bettered my priority team which I gave much more thought & confidence in developing.
    Thanks again to Motts & the crew for the sterling job they’ve done in putting this comp together. Hope to join you for the ride again next year …


  2. This was good fun hopefully it happens again next year!
    A few more updates through the season of how the leaders are going would be good.


  3. Shattered fell at the last hurdle , But happy to finish in top 4 coaches ..
    Really enjoyed this concept cheers to Motts and co..
    Shoutout to my little 3 year old daughter for picking the team name ( Bluez Cluez )



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