SCTTL Trade Talk – Rd14

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 19 2017

Only 450-odd points seperating the Top12 Tech League sides.  This one is going down to the wire!  Who are you trying to swap around this week?


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5 thoughts on “SCTTL Trade Talk – Rd14”

  1. Well done to anyone who recruited Docherty into their side. Still waiting for that price drop…..


  2. i am down to 5 trades with 70k in the bank. I am sitting 2nd now but hoping to hold on to those trades for a few weeks now.

    team as follows for those interested.

    Doc, Adams, Laird, Zac Williams, Touhy, Heater
    (Scharenberg, McNeice)

    Danger, Rocky, Pendles, Neale, Oliver, Murphy, J Lloyd, Scooter
    (Greenwood, Cousins, Fisher)

    Goldy, Nank

    Yeo, Heeney, Macrea, Dahl, Higgins, WHE
    (Houston, Eddy)

    plan is for WHE to hold his value or Houston to fatten up right as Gawn drops to $500k. I can then drop fisher down to a basement rookie and swing nank into the Fwd line picking up Gawn.

    From there, i need one more mid as I have not yet decided if i like Scooter on field (if he comes back). Could also swing lloyd to DEF and upgrade greenwood/cousins later on.



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