SCT Leagues Update

Written by Motts on March 23 2012

SCT Girls Leagues

We’ve got about 6 spots left in SCT Chicks 3. If you’re of the female persuasion and interested please email me here.

SCT Technical League

The final SCTTL was sorted earlier this week – you can view it here. Personally, I think its a work of art. If you have no idea about SC and have just been lobbed in to a competition to make up the numbers you’re going to scare the bejebus out of whoever you’re facing in R1 by fronting up with these boys.

Most people in our SCTTL leagues have now filled in their teams which is great. Those that haven’t, can you please get onto it today? If you haven’t done so by the time I get up tomorrow morning (having a few drinks tonight so lets say around 10:30am) I’m going to have to remove your teams and backfill.

The people I’m speaking to are:

In SCTTL1 – Max (How I Met Your Mumford) & Shanos72 (TradingPlaceSCT)

In SCTTL2 – Jon (Rogue Trader), Mohammad (Collingood) & Grant (TRICKSTERS)

In SCTTL3 – No-one, well done on everyone being on the ball

In SCTTL4 – Chase (Stoneys Stunners 2), Sarah (Goofballs), & Paul (DragenbladeSCTTL)

Deano, how are you going in SCTTL5? All sorted?



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35 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update”

  1. Hey Motts,

    Still 8 spots left in Supercoach Talk 3. 935373. This isnt SCTTL, just our normal teams.

    Im sure theres other coaches out there needing such a league?



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