SCTTL Update – Our Grand Finallists 2013

Written by Motts on August 26 2013

Our grand finallists for 2013 have been decided and they will be Dee & Dave.

Dee’s team, DeeZNutZ, managed a whopping score of 2,473 to take care of Scotty’s ‘Kirky’s Kids SCTTL’ who must feel a little hard done by after amassing a score of 2,407 himself (which would’ve beaten both teams in the other prelim).

DD’s Dilemma (Dave’s squad) took down Adam’s ‘Team Awesome SCTTL’ by just over 100 points: 2,365 to 2,263 to secure his spot in SCTTL’s biggest day of the year.

Well done to both departing coaches, Scotty and Adam. Finishing 3rd and 4th out of 80-odd coaches is a great achievement!

And all the best to our 2 grand finallists this week. Lets hope it isn’t decided by late withdrawals!



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2 thoughts on “SCTTL Update – Our Grand Finallists 2013”

  1. Super impressive score Dee. Looks like I’m up against it this week.
    Thrilled (and shocked) to have made it this far. Only one week from glory. Fingers crossed I can pull off a Steven Bradbury victory.
    Good luck.



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