Sidebottom v Lewis

Written by Motts on February 2 2012

2 M/F DPP’s that I’m sure quite a few are thinking about. Who gets the nod? Factor in: age, ability, how many games they’ll play, improvement, scoring ceiling, where they’ll play, the teams they play for……… So many things to think about.

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10 thoughts on “Sidebottom v Lewis”

  1. It’s gotta be Rusty doesn’t it? And I say that with both eyes open (the black one AND the white one 😉 ). But seriously, let’s break it down.

    Sidebottom: 21 yrs 1mth
    Lewis: 25yrs 9mth
    SIDEBOTTOM, as he has greater potential for improvement.

    Sidebottom: Taken pick 11, 2008 National Draft. Premiership player.
    Lewis: Taken pick 7, 2004 Nation Draft. Premiership player.
    LEWIS just, as he is the better player at this stage in their careers (due mainly to his stronger body IMO.

    How many games they’ll play:
    Sidebottom: Has averaged 21.5 out of 22 H&A games since 2010
    Lewis: Has averaged 19.71 out of 22 H&A games since 2005
    DRAW: Sidey has better stats, but Lewis has maintained over a longer period

    Where they’ll play:
    Sidebottom: Touted move into the midfield for 2012.
    Lewis: Haven’t heard of any positional changes for Jordy this year.

    Sidebottom: Due for a break-out year
    Lewis: Past the point of a break-out year.

    Teams they play for:
    Sidebottom: Collingwood
    Lewis: Hawthorn


  2. If SS changes to a midfield role the choice is obvious. But if his role is similar to last year it is line ball and I would probably lean to Lewis as I feel the Hawks have a easier draw.


  3. I doubt that Sidebottom will move to the midfield this year. If he does, it will be short stints to provide relief for others, like he did last year. Collingwood have too many guns in their mid’s. Swan, Pendles, Thomas, Ball and I’d say that Beams and Blair would be ahead of Sidebottom aswell, equal at worst. Methinks this is just another one of those “has been training with the mids group in anticipation of more midfield time” rumours that leads us all up the garden path.

    Personally, I’d have neither, but if I had to, probably Lewis as I know what Im getting.



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