Sneak Previews – Ben Kennedy (Melb)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 17 2016


Starting Price: $187 800

SC Scoring History
2015 – 35 points per game from 5 games played
2014 – 49ppg (8)
2013 – 41ppg (12)


In golfing circles, Nick Faldo is constantly associated with the Green Jackets he won at the Masters Tournament. In Supercoach circles, Ben Kennedy is associated with the green vests he constantly had to wear for the Magpies. If there’s one player that is happy to see the end of the sub rule then it’s this guy.

From his 27 AFL matches, Kennedy started with the green vest on 12 occasions (and one appearance ended with the red vest!). For an elite player that has been in the system for three years, he just wasn’t able to find any continuity at Victoria Park. That coupled with the new Magpie recruits in the off-season saw Kennedy traded to the Demons in search of greener pastures. He was part of the trade deal that also saw Jeremy Howe sent to the Pies and Paul Seedsman end up in Adelaide.

Taken at Pick 19 in the 2012 Draft, this South Australian youngster just wasn’t been able to cement his spot at Collingwood. Despite some promising performances and a long injury list at times, he still struggled to break into the best 22. Kennedy’s exposed form doesn’t inspire too much confidence for Supercoach selection. There are a few positives to take away from his stats however. A closer look shows that he wins plenty of contested possessions (41 % over his career). His average SC score from his ‘full’ games stands at 66ppg, far better than the 35ppg average at which he’s currently priced.

With the prospect of more opportunities/game time at Melbourne, paired with his Dual Position Status and cheap starting price, I’m guessing Kennedy will be a very popular Supercoach player if he’s named for Rd1……..

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4 thoughts on “Sneak Previews – Ben Kennedy (Melb)”

  1. Nice write-up Schwartzy.

    It’s all about role for Kennedy; as a midfielder he’ll be brilliant as he knows how to rack up touches. As a forward, that unvested average of 66 is about right.


  2. Another year, another group of Melbourne recruits who may do something. It’s like the Cash Converters of the AFL.

    BenKens’s still a no for me.

    p.s. anyone else having trouble logging in?



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