Sneak Previews – Daniel Rich (Bris)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 24 2016


Starting Price: $436 100

SC Scoring History
2015 – 81 points per game from 21 games played
2014 – 81ppg (3)
2013 – 86ppg (16)
2012 – 90ppg (20)


A few words spring to mind when I think of Daniel Rich: breakout & disappointment.

Rich is the ultimate breakout candidate, all the signs are there. A most impressive junior footballer, Rich was selected as an U18 All Australian in 2007 & 2008 while playing for WA. It was almost surprising that he fell to #7 in the 2008 Draft (behind Watts, Naitanui, S.Hill, Hartlett, Hurley & Yarran………which order would you take them these days?). The Rising Star Award was never in doubt for Rich. After playing every game in his debut season, he received maximum votes from all nine judges. He joined some decent company there……..Buckley, Goodes, N.Riewoldt, S.Mitchell & J. Selwood. Twelve scores over 80+ (including seven tons) for an average of 86 pts had him pencilled into every Supercoach’s Black Book.

Six years and a further 100 games later, Rich’s SC output (& career) has officially stagnated. The stats tells us that his best SC season was 2012. He averaged 90ppg, but that was also pumped up by a 145 in the final Round. Even though his 2014 season was a write-off due to a knee reconstruction, Rich is yet to live up to his potential. Popular opinion amongst the Supercoaches is he simply can’t handle a tag. With the new arrivals in Brisbane of Beams & Allen Christensen, Rich was released onto a half-back flank in 2015. Coach Leppitsch wanted to utilize Rich’s clean disposal by foot to set up a fast counter-attack (in the style of Malceski in Sydney). What began as an inspired move (126, 100 & 93 in first three games) produced just two SC-tons from the last eighteen games. With Brisbane’s mounting injury list, Rich became the target of defensive forward taggers.

If not for his Dual Position Status, Rich probably wouldn’t be discussed as an option at all this season. Yet many Coaches are entertaining the thought (once again) that Rich will finally breakout in 2016. The Lions are taking that chance as well, recently signing him to a new long-term deal. Turning 26 in June, he’s slowly running out of time for a breakout and will most likely be remembered as a SC disappointment……….

*Did Not Play in NAB1


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11 thoughts on “Sneak Previews – Daniel Rich (Bris)”

  1. Another fantastic write-up Schwarz.

    Unless he goes huge in the 2 remaining nab games, too much of a risk for me. I thought I had hit pay dirt last year after a few games… Burn.


  2. I started him last year as a midpricer and he started well, but I was glad to trade him at the byes. His highest price last year was $423K so he’s just too expensive, even for a back.


  3. Bear in mind, Rich is out of contract at years end (hopefully coming out west!) however good he plays this year will reflect in his contract! I think a 90 average is possible, with Rocky, Beams and co I doubt he will cop a tag. Great article as well mate!!


  4. Surely he averages 85+ this year – his second full year after having a knee reconstruction, and with a few better players around him.

    Also, if his contract is up for renewal (can anyone verify this?), then that is always a promising sign for a footballer to have a good year!!

    The question for me is can he average 90 again? At $436K with dual position, I would certainly take a 90 average from him this year (and he would become D5 / D6).



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