Sneak Previews – Elliot Yeo (WCE)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 19 2016


Starting Price: $443 300

SC Scoring History
2015 – 82 points per game from 21 games played
2014 – 66 ppg (13)
2013 – 62 ppg (19)
2012 – 58 ppg (8)


‘Yeo will finish Top5 in this year’s Brownlow Count’………not my words, but those of Matteo, our resident Eagles fanatic in his Team Review from January. Big call…..HUGE call! From a Supercoach point-of-view, Yeo wasn’t really relevant during his first three seasons at AFL level. He never reached the SC-ton in his first 40 games, only going above 90 pts once against Hawthorn back in 2014 (Rd12, 96pts). In fairness to Yeo, he then missed a large chunk of 2014 with a badly broken hand (*only recently had the plate in his hand removed. Played with it during 2015).

He first made an impression on Supercoaches in 2015. With season-ending injuries to Brown and Mackenzie, and doubts over McGovern’s hammies during the year, Yeo was the designated Plumber at West Coast………constantly plugging holes. However from Rounds 5-17, Yeo managed to score over 90 pts from eight of eleven occasions (including five big tons). In many of those games he was playing as a pure midfielder, collecting 20+ disposals in those eight big performances.

The reason Matteo is so excited about his prospects in 2016? According to Adam Simpson (WCE coach), Yeo is ‘made for the midfield and will play there this year’. Yeo is strong overhead, has a penetrating kick and can find the goals regularly for a midfielder (18 last season). More importantly, Brown & Mackenzie are on track for Rd1, almost ensuring more midfield time for Yeo…….signs are looking good for 2016.

If like myself, you picked up Yeo after Rd8 last season, one thing that really sticks in the mind is his SC Finals series. 54, 62, 45 & 40……..he literally cost us some tight finals match-ups, where he struggled to reach double digits on the stats page. At his starting price of $443 300, you’d be backing Yeo to be a keeper and Top 10 defender for the season. Can he reach the dizzying heights of Matteo’s prediction? Or will he retreat to SC obscurity once again? Time will tell………


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21 thoughts on “Sneak Previews – Elliot Yeo (WCE)”

  1. Hope Matteo’s prediction comes good. Got him last year after being tipped off by Matteo & others on here. He was suspended for a game after his first game in my team, however he had scored a ton & did ok when he was in the mids & was on his game. In a couple of the SC finals games you mentioned although he was playing back he just did not look interested / switched on in one of the games i watched. Saying that, i’m backing him in this year on the basis of getting a ‘mid’ into the ‘def’ line of my team. Hopefully he can average 90 / 95+


  2. Spot on Schwartzwalder. Another massive risk v reward decision for the backline.

    If he spuds it up do we:
    Thumbs up: Blame Matteo?
    Thumbs down: Blame ourselves?


  3. He’s a gun and with their KPD’s back he’ll probably see more of the pill. But to those who say he’s a lock (currently 38%) how do you fit him into the backline?
    Maybe a Mid-Price Defender poll, say Yeo vs Brodie Smith vs Malceski vs Rich vs Rosa?


  4. Yeo has been in my team since halfway through last season when only Rockcliff & Petracca were locked at that stage.
    Another defender I think needs to be considered (for similar reasons than Yeo) is Shannon Hurn. Have heard nothing about him. Surely he will be more freed up with the returning defenders. Would only have to average 90, which he has done in the past.


  5. Yippy Yi Yeo, locked & loaded for Catta’s Clan @ SCT

    I’m backing Matteo, he’s been my source in the West & he’s hardly let me down over the past few seasons especially!



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