Sneak Previews – Jeremy Howe (Coll)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 2 2016


Starting Price: $403 500

SC Scoring History
2015 – 75 points per game from 22 games played
2014 – 87ppg (22)
2013 – 72ppg (21)
2012 – 79ppg (22)

They say there are three certainties in life: death, taxes and a mark-of-the-year nomination from Jeremy Howe. After 100 games and 80 goals at Melbourne, Howe named Collingwood as his club of choice under the rules of free agency. He was part of the complex deal that also saw Paul Seedsman traded to Adelaide and Ben Kennedy end up at the Demons. Melbourne fans were fairly indifferent of Howe’s desire to leave the club, citing a lack of consistency as a major flaw. Still only 25 years of age, Howe brings plenty of experience to a very young Magpies side.

Howe’s reputation as a high-flyer started in Tasmania where he represented the State at the U18 Championships in 2009. Having been overlooked in the Draft, he moved to Hobart to play for the Tigers in 2010. After an impressive season at full-forward with plenty of towering marks, Melbourne took a chance on him with Pick 33 at the 2010 Draft. Since debuting in Rd11 of the 2011 season, Howe has only missed the one game to truly underline his durability. In 2012 he had a remarkable eight(!!) Mark-Of-The-Round nominations and went on to win the Yearly Prize. Although finishing 2013 as Melbourne’s highest goal-scorer, Howe has been forced to plug many holes in the leaky Demons defence over the years. This ability to act as a ‘Swingman’ should help him adapt well to life at Collingwood. If Ben Reid (a fellow Swingman) can stay on the park long enough, they could provide a huge X-Factor for the Pies.

What does it all mean in terms of Supercoach? The stats show that in his most successful SC-season (2014), he went over 90 pts in half of his appearances. While that’s a decent effort for a defender, it doesn’t quite lift him to premium status. Then there’s the consistency that Melbourne fans have bemoaned over the years. Add to that a foot injury during the pre-season and a few doubts start to creep in. At his starting price ($403 500) you’d be looking to him as a keeper for the season, but will he finish in the Top 10-15 scoring defenders? Two things are for sure: 1. He’ll likely provide a huge Point Of Difference & 2. He’ll be up there again for Mark Of The Year nomination.


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2 thoughts on “Sneak Previews – Jeremy Howe (Coll)”

  1. Interesting write up Schwartzy.

    I like to watch him, but won’t risk him even though the Pies have indicated he’ll play wing and half-back this year.



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