Sneak Previews – Matthew Suckling (Dogs)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 18 2016


Starting Price: $396 500

SC Scoring History
2015 – 73 points per game from 21 games played
2014 – 77ppg (21)
2013 – Did not play due to knee reconstruction
2012 – 83ppg (22)


The substitutes vest – possibly the three most hated words of any Supercoach. Oh the joy we experienced when its demise was announced. Pure……..unadulterated………!! It’s one of those special moments, you remember where you were when the news broke 😉 The news came too late for Matt Suckling. He has the dubious honor of being the last player to remove the green vest. Coming on late in the 3rd qtr of the Grand Final with the game already decided, might’ve just been the last straw for Suckling at Hawthorn. Despite playing nearly every game over the last two seasons & picking up two Premiership medals along the way, Suckling was very quick to accept a deal with the Bulldogs under the rules of free agency.

The Hawks originally picked up Suckling in the 2007 Rookie Draft. Due to problems with osteitis pubis, Suckling didn’t make his debut until Rd1 of 2009 (his only game of the year). After struggling to crack the Hawks line-up in 2010, Suckling had a breakout year (best in terms of SC) in 2011. Averaging 91ppg, he became known for his precise long-distance kicking (kick 2:1 handball ratio). His stats at Hawthorn also reveal his designated role as a pure ‘outside’ player. While his Disposal Efficiency was mostly over 75% in his time at Hawthorn, Suckling had a ridiculously low percentage of contested possessions (consistently around 20%). Add to that just 1.5 tackles per game, it’s not exactly the best indicator for this great game of Supercoach.

Suckling still has plenty to offer the Bulldogs at 27 years of age (they signed him up for three years after all). After playing pre-dominantly off the half-back line for the Hawks, even he admits his role may have to change at the Kennel. ‘The Dogs have got a really strong back six, so if I can fit in on the wing or half-forward (that’d be great)…… I like the Bulldogs’ excitement factor, the run and carry, switching and long kicking.’ (, 12.10.15) While the Bulldogs free-flowing style of play should suit Suckling, it remains to be seen whether that’s enough to warrant a spot in our SC-sides. While definitely capable of a 90+ avg, it’d be a huge gamble at that starting price to label him as a ‘keeper’. Keep a close eye on his progress during the pre-season. One thing is for sure……..’I won’t be sub which should be nice’ (Suckling upon his arrival at the Kennel)…………..


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4 thoughts on “Sneak Previews – Matthew Suckling (Dogs)”

  1. I think most Hawks-s fans will agree: there’s just something about this guys that sh&@s us. His lack of pace, poor pressure or duffed kicks early every year, it’s a long list.

    It is nice to watch him kick for goal from outside 50m though.



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