Sneak Previews – Nick Malceski (Suns)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 22 2016


Starting Price: $383 800

SC Scoring History
2015 – 71 points per game from 16 games played
2014 – 105ppg (22)
2013 – 90 (22)
2012 – 75 (19)


The Hipster Beard………before 2006, these full-grown beards were associated with lumberjacks, older men and old lumberjacks. The style experts describe them as ‘blurring the lines between an ironic celebration of unattractiveness and an attempt to impress by looking good. It evokes a feeling of scruffiness in order to project an anti-corporate image’. Apparently they’d already run their course by 2010, yet no-one sent the memo to the AFL. By 2012, the Hipster Beard was running rampant amongst the playing fraternity. At the very forefront stands Nick Malceski……….

Malceski has been in the AFL system for 13 years after being drafted in 2002 by Sydney. He has had a tough run at times though, still yet to reach 200 games in that time (currently 192). Before debuting in 2005, The Eski had already played a full year in the reserves and endured his first knee reconstruction (left knee). After a breakout year in 2007 where he cracked the SC ton eight times (each time over 117!!), Malceski twisted his knee again in 2008 (this time on the right side). The Eski opted against the traditional knee reconstruction, going with the LARS treatment (synthetic ligament strengthening the natural ligament) which he would need again on his right knee in 2011.

With some better luck and more continuity, The Eski was able to showcase his precision skills in 2013 & 2014. The Swans used him as their designated ball-carrier off the half-back line which saw him top 500+ disposals during both seasons (75% kick : 25% handball ratio!!). He had an abnormally low amount of contested possessions (19% & 23%), further emphasizing his ‘Quarterback’ role at half-back. The Eski topped the ton 15(!!) times during 2014, with a further six scores over 80+.

With a change of scenery came a change in luck. The Eski burnt a lot of Supercoaches that started with him last year (at $550k). Granted that the Suns had a shocking year, yet Malceski also struggled to find his place in the side. Coupled with knee soreness his SC output sunk to a 75 avg, hence his starting price of $383 800 this year.

Admittedly, this is a tricky one. At that price you don’t want a ‘stepping stone’ option, you’re gambling on Malceski having a 90+ season (at least). On the other hand, The Eski has had just four from eleven seasons with that sort of average (twice over 100+). Huge risk/reward factor with Malceski this season, you’ll either look like a genius or a clown for your selection. As for the Hipster Beard, I figure if Jack Watts is trying it on then it must be out of fashion 😉

*Stats from NAB1: 10 possessions at 50% Disposal Efficiency & 36 SC pts.


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11 thoughts on “Sneak Previews – Nick Malceski (Suns)”

  1. I’m still 50/50 and will decide after another 2 NAB challenge games. Hopefully he plays both to get another look. Game 1 was pretty underwhelming with 36 points!

    Once again defense is the hardest position to pin down 6 reliable players!


  2. I’ve had him for 3 years. Yes, he burnt me badly last year, however I believe he’ll turn it around. For an experienced guy like the Eski, NAB is about warming up – he knows what a pre-Round 1 injury would cost, so while I will monitor him, it won’t directly be HIS form that will cost him a spot in my team, rather good form by his direct competition. At the minute – he’s still in.



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