Sneak Previews – Paul Seedsman (Adel)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 25 2016


Starting Price: $324 700

SC Scoring History
2015 – 60 points per game from 12 games played
2014 – 68ppg (9)
2013 – 79ppg (16)
2012 – 45ppg (11)


Forty-nine games for the Pies (one Final above didn’t affect his SC history) and Seedsman is still best known for causing a rift between Heritier Lumumba and Nathan Buckley. Well……his hair anyway. ‘Lumumba took issue with the use of the nickname (Lez) for Seedsman’s haircut…..apparently it resembles that of a stereotypical lesbian woman’ (Star Observer 5.9.14). Fifteen months on, Lumumba is at Melbourne, Seedsman is starting afresh in Adelaide and Buckley received another contract extension. How does that work?

Due to a host of adductor and hip injuries, Collingwood never really got to see the best of Seedsman. Put in SC terms, he’s only hit the ton on four occasions till now. Seedsman (known as ‘Poppy’ at the Crows) had his most memorable game on Anzac Day last year, taking out the Medal for Best On Ground. With 31 touches, six marks and a goal, he racked up a decent 137 SC pts. Unfortunately it was to be his only big game for the year. Subsequent scores of 93 & 80 flattered his overall average which ended up on 60. Poppy’s season was finished after poor form and more hip problems.

The problem with his SC numbers stems from a complete lack of contested possessions, clearances and tackles. It really seems to be a recurring theme amongst half-back flankers. When a player averages under one clearance per game, barely over two tackles and has a contested disposal rate of 25% (give or take, over his career) then it doesn’t calculate too well into Supercoach. Certain numbers actually stack up in Poppy’s favor such as his kick:handball ratio (roughly 2:1) and his disposal efficiency (consistently between 70-80%). Seedsman is a quick player, noted for his long-kicking. But if the ball isn’t getting out to him, he’s not one to extract it himself.

If Poppy gets enough of the ball at Adelaide, then I’m sure he can be a damaging player. With the departure of Dangerfield however, the Crows are only an outside chance (at this stage in betting) to make the Top8. He’ll be a big POD for your team if that gamble pays off. Perhaps then, he might be remembered for his football…….and not his hairstyle.

*Stats from NAB1: 10 possessions at 60% Disposal Efficiency (from 64% Time On Ground) for 48 SC pts


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8 thoughts on “Sneak Previews – Paul Seedsman (Adel)”

  1. Seedsman is in the Suckling basket. Fantastic kick, not much else.
    That’s actually the first time I’ve heard the details of the Lumumba story. I might be a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to political correctness, but does Heritier’s response strike anyone else as just a slight over-reaction?


  2. 4 Tons. There’s people who got that many in their first year who aren’t in my side.

    Lock (the door before he tries to get in)


  3. Scoring potential is good, but I wouldn’t pay 300k+ for a guy who is not guaranteed best 22 at his club. Another great write-up


  4. I got sucked into getting him after watching the Anzac Day game. I watched him pretty closely in the games I kept him for but he got nowhere near replicating his form in that game. Your comment about him waiting ’til the ball comes to him is very relevant. His tackling was almost non-existent.



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