Sneak Previews – Tom Liberatore (Dogs)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 1 2016


Starting Price: $357 300

SC scoring history
2015 – Did not play due to anterior cruciate ligament injury
2014 – 110 points per game from 22 games
2013 – 107ppg (22)
2012 – 85ppg (15)

Libba’s father (Tony) was known for his ferocious attack on the ball. Like a terrier chasing thrown sticks at the local park, nothing got in his way. Tom is very much the same. With or without his outstanding form at the Calder Cannons (U18s), Liberatore was always bound to be a Bulldog with that famous surname. After making the All-Australian team during the U18 Championships, Libba was taken at Pick 40 in the 2010 Draft under the Father-Son rule.

Libba showed plenty of promise in his first two seasons, his Supercoach numbers made the leap to premium status in 2013 & 2014. A closer glance at the stats show that Libba had the most tackles (averaging eight per game) & clearances (avg seven pg) of any player during the 2014 season. Add to that the 8th most contested possessions (avg 13 pg) in the comp and you have a SC Beast in the making. As one of the hardest-working players in the game, Libba averaged 110.5 SC pts in 2014. He only went under eighteen disposals in one of twenty-two games, while topping 20+ disposals on seventeen occasions to highlight his elite consistency. If there are any negatives, it would have to be his Bennell-like attraction to certain illicit substances. Let’s hope he’s over all of that (has been reprimanded in the past).

At just 23 years of age, he already has 77 games under his belt…… other words, he’s coming into his prime. In a cruel twist of fate, Libba did his knee in the Dogs’ first NAB Cup game of the 2015 pre-season which ruled him out for the season. While it opened the door for many of his younger teammates to shine in the midfield, there is no question about Libba’s spot in the Dogs’ best 22. Libba’s misfortune has proven to be a blessing for all Supercoaches, starting the year at the heavily discounted price of $357 300. It’s a simple equation: If he’s fit and gets through the pre-season unscathed then he’ll be in just about every SC team………..


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5 thoughts on “Sneak Previews – Tom Liberatore (Dogs)”

  1. If he starts – and apparently there is no reason he won’t, he really needs to be in every serious SC team. It would be a bold move to leave him out but then again, with a little bit of luck, it just might be the master stroke that makes all the difference. You never know with ACLs.
    Personally – I just don’t have the figs to take that chance. He’s locked.



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