How Sportingbet Saved A Customer

Written by Motts on October 8 2014

Alternative Title: Nath The Legend.

I want to relate a story to you. A Twitter tale of poor customer service, frustration, anger but ultimate redemption. It goes for awhile so settle in.

It started with a tweet from us:

Sunday 5:17pm “ Your app doesn’t work in iOS 8. You’ve got tons of money. Fix it.”

Little abrupt I admit but the app keeps shutting down while I’m using it and I was frustrated. Their social guy got back to me pretty quick though:

5:18pm “ Hi there, what in particular are you having trouble with? Thanks.”

5:25pm “ It constantly shuts down. Have deleted and reinstalled, no change. Am I the only 1 with this problem?”

5:32pm “ We’re aware of an issue when accessing the race results page and have our technicians working on a fix. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

At this point I thought I’d try my luck:

5:35pm “ “4 the inconvenience, we’d like 2 offer you $200 in free bets which you can use 4 the punters club you generously put thru us””

Cheeky but worth a shot. Very soon after that Sportingbet followed us on Twitter and I got a DM:

“Hi, I don’t have the power to issue bonus bets but have passed your feedback on. Expect a reply sometime tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.”

I asked whoever it was to identify themselves and to rub salt into the wound, the individual came back with “DT” #whatarethebloodychances

And so I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

At around 3:20pm on Monday after Andy B (who had seen the above conversation) asked me about the outcome, I sent a DM: “What time today should I expect a reply, DT?”

No response.

At 10:45pm I went public again: “. has 75 mins to get back to us after DMing us yesterday to “Expect a reply sometime tomorrow.” Great team.”

No response again. So I persisted:

“. There’s so much competition in online gambling. Why risk losing a customer by not following through on your commitments?”

I’m now starting to get favourited a bit from other tweeps which brought a response via DM:

“It’s a public holiday in Sydney, where we’re based, today. So it will be tomorrow. Thanks. DT”

That was it. No apology for missing a commitment he/she had made to a valued customer. Nothing. So I shot back:

“You set the expectation by telling me to expect a reply today, DT.”

“My sincerest apologies, I made a mistake. I’ve sent an email to my manager to action tomorrow. Thanks.”

I thought I’d then offer DT some helpful advice:

“Pull your socks up DT. If you’re going to handle a big company’s social, be sure to say what you do but then do what you say.”

He/she must have been thinking very deeply about it because they didn’t respond.

So now it’s Tuesday night. Do you reckon I’ve heard from anyone at Sportingbet yet? So I go public again:

Tuesday 9:07pm “. doesn’t appreciate their customers. Who wants our Punters Club business?”

Inflammatory? Sure it was but companies need to realise we live in The Age of The Customer. People are empowered and expect much higher levels of service than I was getting from this DT bozo and his/her manager.

And still nothing. Other people are starting to ask me about the problem and recommend other punting sites to me. I was taking the opportunity to continue to lay the boot in. We’ve got close to 9,000 followers on Twitter and I wanted them all to know that ignoring one of your customers is not a service option.

9:59pm “. Does respond to queries and follow thru with commitments? doesn’t.”

And then out of the blue comes this:

Nathan Scotton (@NathanScotton): “ follow so I can DM please?”

So I follow him and pretty soon after that comes this (over a couple of messages):

“Hi I am a huge fan of the site I also happen to be the racing manager at SportingBet. I am not sure what the issue was but can I call you tomorrow to resolve it. I do apologise for the inconvenience and hope I can help.”

This guy had won me over in less than 280 characters. He’d totally defused the situation and importantly to Sportingbet got me to stop tweeting negative stuff about them.

I got his number and called him today. He loves his SC and all he wanted to do was help. He told me that the IT guys were working on a fix for the app issue but there was no ETA on when it would be resolved.

We talked for 10 minutes. You know how you can tell sometimes that a guy is just a good bloke? Nath is a good bloke. We spoke about SC, about the muppet ‘DT’ (Nath didn’t know who he/she was), and even about Sportingbet potentially sponsoring the site next year (no promises yet so don’t get your hopes up, MJ).

And do you know what the best part of it was? Without even asking for them, Nath gave me some free bets. How good is that?

Soon after I got off the phone, $300 was sitting in the Bonus Bets area of my account. Well played, Nath, well played.

Now you guys are a big part of my weekly gambling so as originally intended I’m going to donate $200 of that back to the Punters Club to be used for Group Bets. The other $100 I’ll no doubt hand back to them this weekend.

Bonus Bets are treated a little differently to ‘normal’ bets in that if they win, we don’t get to keep the original stake. So I we throw $50 on a 2/1 shot and it wins, we’ll get $50 deposited into our account. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it – we need to win first.

The good news is that we now need to vote on an additional $200 worth of bets!

Nath, great job mate. Your employer should know you saved a customer today. On behalf of everyone in the SCT Punters Club I want to say thanks.




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13 thoughts on “How Sportingbet Saved A Customer”

  1. Gotta love it when persistance pays off.
    Well done Motts on keeping at it , and to Nathan for coming through in the end with the free bets for the punters club and your well deserved ton of free bets Motts.


  2. That………is…………AWESOME!!!!! I’d be tempted to go patriotic (as per TDAs suggestion) and put it on the Aussies against India this summer. And Cups doubles, definitely do some Cups doubles. Maybe take a quick poll for the two races and couple the top two selections in each event? Open to any other suggestions, of course…….


  3. Is Tania Hird handling the legal counsel for Sportingbet?

    Think you will find your free bet example short Motts. A 50 bet at 2/1 will deliver a win of 100 despite the initial stake, at even money 50.

    Get on Criterion pre post for the Cox before tomorrow’s Stakes.



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