Strikes & Gutters – Season 2016

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 31 2016

The Supercoach season for 2016 is over and it’s now time to reflect upon the year that was.

Hits & Misses, Strikes & Gutters, Studs & Duds, Winners & Losers………..whatever you call ’em, share your best and worst selections for the year with the SCT Community.  Have any players made ‘The List’ for future years?  Who are you aiming to start with in 2017?  What lessons have you learned for future Supercoach reference?  Be sure to add your overall rank in there as well………….

When I think about my team, Schwarzwalder@SCT, I constantly come back to the Team selections for Rd1 this year.  I wasn’t confident of the cheaper rookies (Menadue, Papley) that were selected so I went with some more expensive rookies that I considered had the better job security (Simpkin, Jed Anderson).  My rookies got injured fairly quickly while the cheaper rookies went on to make a decent profit.  A simple mistake like that put me behind the eight-ball right from the start.

That mistake also left me with fewer ‘premiums’ in my starting line-up.  One in particular, Birchall, annoyed me all season.  He didn’t play badly over the course of the season.  Birch still managed his 20+ touches per game at a high rate of Disposal Efficiency.  But his game just isn’t compatible for Supercoach due to his lack of contested ball and intercept marks.  He’s on my ‘never again’ list for the future.

Hindsight is always a wonderful thing and it all looks so simple now………..but starting with Fyfe and Ablett was a huge mistake.  Ablett hasn’t played a full season over the last three years and his body might not allow him to play more than 14+ games a year in future.  Unless he gets Dual Position Status (MID/FWD), his SC-relevance might be at an end.  It’ll be interesting to see Fyfe’s opening price for 2017.  He’s still young and might just be worth another chance (watch over pre-season).

STRIKES – Ablett to JPK after Rd16, Barlow to Merrett after Rd14, M.Adams to S.Mitchell after Rd13 (dpp), Weitering to Priddis after Rd9 (dpp), Fyfe to Hannebery after Rd5, Dea to Sloane after Rd6 (dpp)

GUTTERS – Starting with Sheridan, Lonergan, Simpkin & Anderson.

Elliot Yeo: I didn’t get drawn in to Matteo’s hype over the pre-season but I thought he might score well with the Eagles favorable run home.  While they stormed home, their biggest downhill skier Yeo still couldn’t manage a decent score.  Talent to burn but goes missing far too often…….never again!

Trent McKenzie: Had a tough run with injuries but still selected him at a low price of $200k over the byes.  Only got one game out of him before he missed the rest of the year with a quad injury.  Might give him one more chance next year at a low price if he stays injury-free over the pre-season.

Jack Gunston: Gave me one good score before completely tanking during the SC Finals when I needed him the most……….he just made the list!

After sitting at 57k after Rd6, I managed to climb back to 10k with five weeks to go.  Only limped over the line to end the season at 19 332 overall……a long way from my minimum goal of Top5k.  So 2016 was a very disappointing season from Team Schwarz.  (Was still a lot of fun though)  😉

Give us your hard-luck stories below……..


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10 thoughts on “Strikes & Gutters – Season 2016”

  1. Strikes:
    * Good def upgrade decisions in Rance, Simpson, Docherty
    * Sticking fat with Rockliff in the first half of the season. The guy is a SC beast!
    * Young as a mid-season mid-pricer provided good cash and some good scores at M8 whilst i got the team up to speed.

    * Upgrading to David Zaharakis. What was I thinking?!?!
    * Wanted KK but he wasn’t named round 1. Snap decision to start with Yeo. Swapped him to JJ when i remembered that Yeo is inconsistent. Two weeks later JJ does his hammy!!

    Definitely think next year i’ll aim to get consistent players rather than players with high standard deviations. Really starting to get my head around the importance of consistent scorers in SuperCoach.


  2. Gutters: Brodie Smith (never again) and starting with Simpkin and both GAJ and Rocky. Barlow was also a headache and I traded Hall out, then in, then out again 🙁

    Also traded in Hanners for $610k just before his really poor month.

    Split: trading in Coniglio as a massive pod round 18 – did ok but killed me in the GF with a 62, definitely better options and would have traded out if I had more cash/trades.

    Strikes: starting with Bont and Gawn, plus all the good rookies (baring Papley and McGovern) and wells/libber. Traded in the likes of Docherty, Simpson, Pendles and Merett along the way.

    Also the godly/Gawn set and forget was a success, only one missed game from memory, although goldy limped to the line in the second half of the season (Achilles issue?)

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to make some of the above mistakes!


  3. Gutters
    – Starting with Lonergan was probably the worst selection blunder in my R1 team.
    – Stef in my side for the whole year really hurt even though he had some great scores when he was the only ruck.
    – Trading out Greene too early. I should have held him and not wasted a trade. I traded him to Hall just in time for Hall to go downhill and then get injured and Greene to find some form.

    – Bringing Rocky back in when he was dirt cheap paid off. He’s a total gun even in a team entrenched in struggletown. He’s a lock R1 next year if he’s injury free.
    – Gawn was a gamble in round 1 but obviously a top pick.
    – Danger was a bit unknown if he was worth forking out top dollar for so early in his career as a Cat. Definitely a strike!
    – Bringing in Docherty in round 5. I need to give Motts a nod for that one as I was skeptical.
    – Bringing in Cripps as a Sloane replacement for the grand final. 🙂


  4. Strikes:
    DOCHERTY, Simpson, Gawn, Hanners were all bought at there low points

    T MITCHELL and Pendles were both at about 550 early on, guess who I chose. Mitchell wasn’t bad just no Pendles


  5. Spent way to many hours perfecting my team for round one to start with the following. Clearly got caught up in the mid-price hype:
    Strikes – Laird, Dea, AMT, Hannebury, Kerridge, Gawn, Adams and Wells.

    Gutters – KK, Sheridan, Lonergan, Harwood, Ablett, Rockliff (both injury risks that failed early), B.Crouch, S.Gray, Milera and Leuenberger.

    Other starters I would rate as fair given what I paid and how they scored.

    Thought I had 12 definite keepers at the start of the year but only 4 of them played in the Grand Final !!!


  6. Strikes:

    – Starting with Gawn
    – Bringing in Pendles cheap
    – Bringing in Rance cheap
    – Not a lot actually

    Gutters (so much went wrong this year):

    – Starting with Lonergan
    – Starting with Rich
    – Starting with Wingard (for Zorko when Zorko didn’t play Rd 1)
    – Starting with Mr Inconsistent then get long term injury, Houli
    – Bringing in TMitchell Rd 3 when Parker was $50K cheaper
    – Bringing in MMurphy as a cheap M9 then out for the season
    – Bringing in max priced RGray who then went on a spree of 50-60s
    – Bringing in Conca after a 90 for him to then score 50-60s or be dropped

    Only six players of my Rd 1 team made it to Rd 23 – Danger, Laird, Gawn, Goldstein, Hall, Wells.


  7. Strike
    Sticking fat with Rocky and Wells
    Getting sucked in to Mid Price madness at the beginning of the season.
    Trading Wines out instead of Libba
    Starting with KK
    Starting with Zac Smith



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