Sunday Arvo Games, R21 2013

Written by MJ on August 18 2013

Melbourne V Freo (MCG) – Got the potential to be a belting, but can Melbourne make it the third upset of the round? Not too much SC interest in the Dees, whilst you’ve probably got a few Dockers running around out there. There are no late changes in this one, with A.Davey and T.Sheridan the subs.

Sydney V StKilda (SCG) – It’s a scary proposition for the Saints traveling to Sydney. I don’t think even St.Kilda fans would say this won’t get ugly. Will JPK finally get back to the high scorers list? Or will Kieran Jack run riot again?

Western Bulldogs V Adelaide (Etihad) – This should be match of the day despite being a dead rubber in terms of finals contention. Ryan Griffen and Patrick Dangerfield are the protagonists for their respective sides today.

Are you closing in on a Semi-final victory? Or is it touch and go? Who are you cheering on today?

In LoEC1, I’m up against Stevo. With a 391 point lead with no PODs left for me (assuming Mitchell is not a late inclusion), up against Barlow, McEvoy and Cooney I’d be seriously unlucky to lose it from here.


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19 thoughts on “Sunday Arvo Games, R21 2013”

  1. worst round ever…what a disaster….

    knocked out of 8 finals across 2 teams….

    read it and weep..

    cotch 62
    cannon 55
    heppell 39
    boomer 72
    heater 37
    dusty 25
    gaz sub100 captain
    titch 0


  2. What a disaster SC weekend! Heppel, Hanley and now farkin McEvoy all subbed! and Martins 25. All 4 players my opponent didnt have this weekend ๐Ÿ™

    Needed McEvoy to score me 75+ to get the win.
    Still alive in one league that I had the bye in this week so hopefully things turn around next weekend.


  3. Dodged a bullet going Maric instead of McEvoy. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Pity that was forced by Ryder getting suspended after his first week.


  4. Ditching Buddy for Tippett has worked out a big win. Another ton. I’m stoked.

    Good on anyone who picked up Jesse White on the cheap too.


  5. Daniel Hannebery, welcome to the shitlist.
    Had the responsibility of bringing home the win with a 50 pt head start vs JPK….wound up going down by 30. I’ve had lower scoring players this week, but given the situation, that was the biggest letdown. Banned. For. Ever.


  6. well my season’s done thanks to heppel, mckenzie, jjk, martin and griffin (on debut) etc ….. two straight losses in the finals after coming 2nd in my cash league and i’m gone, bounced out by the bloke who came sixth- mad monday for me tomorrow!


  7. Well, my rookie season is now officially done and dusted.

    A big thanks to all you gents that run this site, has been a great help to me and is always fascinating reading (not that the missus would agree!!) It’s a great site guys and a credit to yourselves!! many thanks to all the SC posters who also contribute to the site with info, comments, laughs, stirring and all the rest … makes for an enhanced AFL year for sure!!

    GAJ has let me down badly over the two weeks of finals (even though I won one match last week without him, but in the others he cost me a week off) … partly my own fault as well I guess for not taking either Selwood or SWan as captain (Swan this week by not taking his VC score)

    This week was probably my worst score and most disastrous as follows 1837 GAJ:
    In my main league, my POD’s as follows:
    Swan 37
    Cotchin 62
    Boomer 72
    Fyfe 78 and
    2 donuts!!
    Then, Dusty 25, Heppell 39, Hanley 55, JJK 55, Priddis 88, Cox 89, Gibbs 89 aqnd capped off by GAJ 4 poor performance in a row (could’ve had Joelwood if I’d taken the gamble)

    So, exit stage left for me and good luck to all SC coaches still progressing to next week!!

    Again, big thanks to the SC Talk website gurus!! I’ll keep in touch over the off season and can’t wait for 2014 now!!



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