SuperCoach Advice – Part 2

Written by Motts on March 16 2011

So you want to win it all? Come first on the site, snaffle the fiddy large, bathe in the envy and admiration of your peers? Here’s how you do it:

Choose a strategy and stick to it

The 2 most talked about strategies this year are Guns & Rookies and Midpricers. G&R refers to loading up your team with the maximum amount of premiums (somewhere in the vicinity of 14) and filling the remaining positions with rookies who will increase in value more than most other players. The Midpricer strategy refers to picking up a lot of the players who are valued cheaply this year (eg Ottens, Harris, Veszpremi, Foley, Anthony, Knights, and Gamble). Go with one or the other but don’t mix and match. Winning the lot is about taking risks that pay off. Fence sitting isn’t taking a risk.

Look at the schedule

Determine what will happen to your team on the weeks that multiple clubs have byes (Rounds 4, 5, 6, 16 and 19). If you’re going to lose a ton of firepower, then its prudent to select players from other teams.

Plan your trades

You can’t foresee injuries but you need to have a plan. Look at the first clubs to have both their byes out of the way – Gold Coast (R9), Collingwood (R13), St Kilda (R14) and West Coast (R15). Plan to bring premiums from those clubs into your team at that time. Also look at clubs that wait the longest before having a bye – Port (R12), Richmond (R11). Players from those clubs won’t be missing any games right up until that week so will likely improve in price more than others from other clubs – give more consideration to rookies from those teams. Of course, make sure they’re going to get played first though.

Do not pick any more than 3 or 4 players from the one club

It’ll be too hard to cover their loss when their club has a bye.

Do not have any more than 1 premium from a particular club in the 1 position.

See SuperCoach Advice – Part 1.

Do not have any more than 2 premiums from the 1 club.

See SuperCoach Advice – Part 1.

Make sure you have a lot of Dual Position Players (DPP’s)

See SuperCoach Advice – Part 1.



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43 thoughts on “SuperCoach Advice – Part 2”

  1. Motts and fellow SCT contributors, I have been thinking about this for a while now and would like to put forward a topic for debate if I may…

    Topic: For coaches going for a league win (in particular) but overall win as well I think the contribution of DPP’s in ones team to be slightly overrated especially in the first half of the season, I think they are extremely valuable as upgrade options as the season rolls on but early on not so important.

    My reasons being that it is all well and good to be able to swap players around but lets face it for the majority when say Goddard goes for his bye on round 4 not matter where you put him DEF or MID he is still going to be missing and at best you have a slightly better rookie in your midfield to cover him say maybe a Conca over a Duigan. We have a league bye that week anyway so what’s the point
    Obviously I have chosen an extreme example but regardless if they are a premium if they are missing they are difficult to replace. I would say that majority of coaches from this site would hopefully have sufficient bench coverage in the first half the season regardless of where their premiums are.
    As the season rolls and stronger squads are formed I think they are good trade up targets as the options on benches are hopefully putting points on the board worthy of a spot in the 22 but early in the season not so important.
    For the record I will have at least in each of my lines for the start of the season, some of those ie Goddard, Krakouer etc are in because they would even if they weren’t DPP but I will be eyeing some DPP’s off as the season continues to upgrade some rookies to.


  2. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Another site’s cheat sheet has just taken all the information from SuperCoach Advice Parts 1 & 2 and condensed it.


  3. Motts, for an overall win, your comment about not selecting premiums from Carlton, Geelong, North and Essendon is void, isn’t it?

    Just a minor thing… Good article! 😉


  4. Well done Motts, good write up. I personally don’t subscribe to the theory of no premiums from teams that have byes in the finals, but will limit number from each club…. Also, can I check on the theory of not having players from teams during the multi-club bye as I understand they are the same weeks we have SC byes, so I would steer clear of clubs that have standalone byes…. That right?


  5. Is it too much of a risk to have Selwood and Bartel?
    I currently have both and everytime I change one out, within a day, they’re back in my team….


  6. the team to avoid. i call it the whipping boys.

    o’hailpin, tom williams, ralph clarke, jake king, dawson, tom murphy, nick stevens(vc)
    x clarke, nicoski, mcphee

    oakley-nichols(c), tambling, stanton, henry slattery, shane tuck, brock mclean
    bateman, hislop, masten

    minson, renoulf,
    mark blake, wood

    hawkins, mark williams, schulz, kosi, milne, fevola, neon leon
    jay neagle, brad miller, michael newton

    i know nick stevens isn’t around anymore but i can’t help myself.



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