SuperCoach Advice – Pt 1

Written by Motts on March 15 2011

I’ve had more than a few people approach me for advice over the last few weeks. The first thing I ask them is: do you want to win your league or the whole darn shootin’ match? Part 1 of SuperCoach advice is for those who just want to win their league.

Load up on players from Fremantle, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne

There are 5 rounds when competition between league members is suspended this year. These rounds occur on the same weeks that 3 teams have byes in the AFL. These rounds are: 4, 5, 6, 16, and 19. The teams that have both byes occuring in these rounds are Fremantle, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. If you’re trying to win your league, load up on players from all of these teams. But do yourself a favour and overlook Brisbane – there’s no value there.

Do not pick premiums from North Melbourne, Geelong, Carlton or Essendon

What’s a premium? Its anyone you pay top dollar for that you think is going to be in your team for the duration of the season. Why should you not pick premiums from these 4 clubs? Because all of them have byes during the SuperCoach finals – Rounds 21 to 24. Right when you need them most, they’re going to be missing meaning that you’re going to have to save trades to switch them out at the end of the year. No-one is indispensable (well, maybe Goddard). Find someone from another team to replace them.

Unless they’re from Fremantle, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, do not have any more than 1 premium in the 1 position.

This one hurts, because as much as we’d love to have Buddy operating next to Cyril in your forward line or Dane working alongside of Pendles in the midfield, when either Hawthorn or Collingwood have a bye, you’ve just lost a TON of firepower in the one position. Its doubtful that you’ll have enough talent on your bench to cover that kind of point scoring. FYI Hawthorn have their byes in Rounds 6 (non-league competition) and 17. Collingwood in Rounds 7 and 13 – both league competition weeks.

Unless they’re from Fremantle, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, do not have any more than 2 premium in the one side.

Similarly to the last rule – you just can’t afford to lose that many points when the team those premiums come from have a bye.

Make sure you have a lot of Dual Position Players (DPP’s)
DPP’s are players that can play at more than one position. For example, Brendon Goddard plays in Defence and in the Midfield. The key to DPP’s is
ensuring you have someone to swap them with. So if Goddard is playing in Defence, you’ll need someone like Bryce Gibbs in the Midfield so you can
swap them over. To give you maximum flexibility, make sure you have one or two DPP’s playing at every position.

Without going into Guns & Rookies strategies vs Midpricer strategies, I’m sure there are other pieces of advice the qualified readers of our site could offer. Add it to Comments.



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25 thoughts on “SuperCoach Advice – Pt 1”

  1. Going for league win, any tips to further my chances?

    BACKS: Goddard, Deledio, Duffield, Broughton, Grimes, Otten, Heppel
    BENCH: Duigan, McKernan, Toy

    MIDFIELD: Pendlebury, Boyd, Jack, Pavlich, Kennedy, Harris
    BENCH: Smith, Hibberd, Swallow

    RUCKS: Sandilands, Cox
    BENCH: Tippett, Smith

    FORWARDS: Riewoldt, Franklin, Goodes, Petrie, Krakouer, Gamble, Prestia
    BENCH: Matera, Richardson, Darling

    The forwards, where do I start with the forwards. When you’re picking a team aimed for the league win, this is a tough task. With overall win you have Chappy, Didak, Buddy, Cyril, Roo and many more to chose from.

    SYDNEY forwards:
    Goodes, $458,900: Great because he’s a DPP and when he’s on, he’s generally on for a few weeks. Can have form slumps, but mainly good.

    O’Keefe, $440,200: Good for his DPP, but in my opinion, that’s about it. Some would argue he’s a bargain at this price, but boy is he frustrating! Had him last year and DO NOT want him again.

    McGlynn, $434,900: Had a breakout season last year but can he keep it up? At a fairly decent price but I’m not too convinced about his consistency. But will still have a think about him.

    Grundy, $434,600: Like Goodes, when he’s hot, he generally will continue that way for about a few weeks or so. A tempting price and a DPP which is handy as I need a FOR/DEF DPP to swap with McKernan. Tempting.

    FREMANTLE forwards:
    Pavlich, $483,300: If you’re going for league win, Pavlich is a MUST. A proven star AND a DPP. Will work great with rotating with Goodes. An okay price. Can turn it on, but can have form slumps. But still a lock-in for me.

    Ballantyne/Fyfe/Mayne, all slightly above $350,000: All have their good sides and have a lot to offer. Out of these 3 I’d go Fyfe, then Mayne, then Balla. Fyfe’s a DPP and I really like this kid, was great towards the end of last year. Mayne also can turn it on and will most likely have a solid year, as with Balla. Consider one of these three.

    Johnson, $383, 800: Don’t really know much about him. He’s a DPP, but there are better options IMO.

    MELBOURNE forwards:
    Green, $469,800: Had him when I first picked my team a few months back. His NAB Cup form wasn’t too great for that price range. Had great patches last year, but can slump a bit. Captaincy should probably keep him at the top of his game though. Definitely work a look though.

    Sylvia, $428,200: Every pre-season we hear how this will be his breakout year. Never happens. Struggled with injuries over the years. Is a pretty inconsistent player, but DPP status adds some temptation. Again, consider him. But he can have a quiet night.

    Pettard, $367,100: Looked to have a breakout year last year but then fell to injury. Worth a look. He is a DPP (mid/for). I won’t be choosing him though as I’m sticking with the Guns ‘n Roses strategy.

    Dunn, $364,900: He too is a DPP (for/mid). But, ehhhh. Can have his hot days, but other than that nothing to special. Averaged 75 last year.

    BRISBANE forwards.
    Brown, $475,300: Everyone has all of a sudden turned off Browny, me included. Price is a tad high. Can change games though. My tip is to wait a few games to see how he pulls up because we don’t know the deal with Browny.

    …. maybe consider Adcock and some young ones. BUT NO ONE ELSE!

    So as you can see, forward line is a tough task this year with the non-bye teams (SYD, MEL, BRIS, FRE) not giving you a whole lot to pick from.


  2. @wlllo I see uve still got Heppel in ur backline, I personally have gone off him after the weekend and got on lower. Anyone else with me on this one?


  3. Boys I have Joel Corey and Joel Selwood in my midfield. I’ve already broken at least two rules but I rather like them both?


  4. Just signed up for the free trial for SC GOLD. Looks okay but not much you can’t get from other sites. Is handy having all in the one spot. guess that’s what HS was going for.

    Interesting to note you can see already how many teams each player is in. A few to note are:
    Cox – 17.1% vs Sandi – 42.5%
    Krak – 56.6% (what are the other 43.4% thinking)
    Yarran – 7.5% Boak – 2.2%

    I won’t give too many more away. Sorry if i have ruined anyones uniques.
    PS Obviously they are all in my side atm


  5. Round 4, 5, 6, 16 and 19 are ‘bye’ rounds in your leagues –no head-to-head match ups!!

    Round 01 Bye: Gold Coast
    Round 02 Bye: Adelaide
    Round 03 Bye: North Melbourne
    Round 04 Bye: Brisbane Lions, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs
    Round 05 Bye: Melbourne, Sydney, West Coast
    Round 06 Bye: Fremantle, Geelong, Hawthorn
    Round 07 Bye: Collingwood
    Round 08 Bye: Carlton
    Round 09 Bye: Gold Coast
    Round 10 Bye: Essendon
    Round 11 Bye: Richmond
    Round 12 Bye: Port Adelaide
    Round 13 Bye: Collingwood
    Round 14 Bye: St Kilda
    Round 15 Bye: West Coast
    Round 16 Bye: Adelaide, Fremantle, Melbourne
    Round 17 Bye: Hawthorn
    Round 18 Bye: Port Adelaide
    Round 19 Bye: Brisbane Lions, Richmond, Sydney
    Round 20 Bye: Western Bulldogs
    Round 21 Bye: North Melbourne
    Round 22 Bye: Geelong
    Round 23 Bye: Carlton
    Round 24 Bye: Essendon


  6. Can you please rate my side:
    B. Goddard , B. Gibbs , B. Deledio , N. Lower
    J. Laidler , D. Heppell, J. Batchelor
    J. Toy , M. Hibberd , N. Duigan

    D. Swan , J.Selwood , M. Pavlich , A. Krakouer
    J. Kennedy, N. Foley
    D. Swallow , R. Conca , D. Harris

    A. Sandilands , P. Ryder
    D. Petrie , T. Derickx

    N.Riewoldt , L. Franklin , A. Goodes , S. Higgins
    C. Yarran , A. Maric , C. Richardson
    D.Prestia , J. Darling , J Lamb

    I have looked at the draw and the super coach finals so I have added some Sydney players. I need any tips I can get.




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