SuperCoach B&F, R12-R13

Written by MJ on June 20 2014

We’ve had some big movers in the last fortnight, with a few players in superb SuperCoach form. Bryce Gibbs, David Zaharakis, Brent Harvey, Lynden Dunn and Matthew Lobbe all spring to mind. Each of these guys have finished among the best three SuperCoach scores on the ground in both R12 and R13. That’s what we’re looking for here at the SuperCoach B&F, taking the 3, 2 and 1 votes based on the top three SC scores in every match of the season.

Here’s the votes for R12 and R13:

Round 12 3 2 1
Geel v Carl Gibbs Stokes Hawkins
Haw v WC Roughead Hodge Gaff
Port v StK Hartlett Lobbe Gray
WB v Bris Redden Macrae Hanley
GWS v Ess Zaharakis Ward Shaw
GC v Syd Ablett Hannebery JPK
Freo v Adel Sandilands Duffield Spurr
Nth v Rich Goldstein Harvey Ziebell
Melb v Coll Dunn N.Jones Vince
Round 13 3 2 1
Carl v Haw Gibbs Carrazzo B.Hill
Rich v Freo Fyfe Foley Mundy
Syd v Port Ebert Franklin Lobbe
WC v GC Hurn McGovern Prestia
Bris v GWS Shiel Hanley Whitfield
Adel v Nth B.Smith Harvey Sloane
Geel v StK Bartel Stokes Duncan
Coll v WB Liberatore Pendlebury Adams
Ess v Melb Goddard Zaharakis Dunn


And here’s the overall leaderboard with those carrying 4 votes or more:

22 Ablett
17 Liberatore
13 M.Murphy
12 S.Johnson
12 Ward
11 Pendlebury
11 Sandilands
11 Gibbs
10 Dal Santo
10 Boak
10 Beams
10 N.Jones
10 Bartel
10 Harvey
9 Montagna
9 J.Selwood
9 B.Smith
8 Boyd
8 Watson
8 Priddis
8 Hannebery
8 Fyfe
8 Dunn
8 Hartlett
7 Mumford
7 Treloar
7 Rockliff
7 Gray
7 Ebert
7 Zaharakis
6 Sidebottom
6 Breust
6 Dangerfield
6 Zorko
6 LeCras
6 Mundy
6 Hawkins
6 Goddard
5 I.Smith
5 Simpson
5 S.Hill
5 Prestia
5 Sloane
4 N.Riewoldt
4 T.Lynch
4 McVeigh
4 Jacobs
4 M.Thomas
4 Cox
4 Bird
4 Stokes
4 Roughead
4 Franklin
4 Duncan

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3 thoughts on “SuperCoach B&F, R12-R13”

  1. I know this is the wrong place to post this but, I’m trading one of these players out, ambrose or Daniher but I’m not sure who, both have the same averages but ambrose is looking better ATM. Having said that, danihers highest is 101 and ambrose in 86 who has the best job security, and who should I choose to trade



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